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Digital growth and sustainable development of future factory From Report of the world economic forum

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The world economic forum announced today that the global lighthouse network has 15 new members. The network community is composed of world-class production enterprises, which are committed to using the fourth industrial revolution technology to promote the business development of enterprises.

Despite hitherto unknown subversive influence, 93% of the lighthouse plants in the have increased their output and found new sources of revenue.

In particular, these leading innovative enterprises not only create new sources of income, but also maintain the sustainable development of the environment – 53% of Lighthouse factories have achieved significant and considerable environmental sustainability benefits. Some enterprises have reduced the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions, increased the efficiency by more than 10%, and reduced the use of materials by more than 10%. The latest report “reconstructing the operation mode and promoting the development of enterprises” introduces how enterprises achieve such operating benefits. Their CEO will provide more information at the global lighthouse network live meeting. The conference will be held at 21:00 Beijing time on March 17. The keynote speakers include Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, and Alex Gorsky, chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson. The following is a complete list of Lighthouse factories that have joined the network and their achievements.

The global lighthouse network and its 69 factories and enterprises constitute a platform dedicated to the development, replication and promotion of innovative solutions, creating opportunities for cross enterprise learning and collaboration, setting a new benchmark for the global manufacturing industry.

Although 74% of enterprises are in the pilot dilemma in 2020, the relevant research based on the practical experience of network enterprises shows that the expandable fourth industrial revolution technology is very important for the long-term development of enterprises. By adopting a comprehensive and flexible operation mode, these manufacturing enterprises have effectively coped with the subversive impact of production network and value chain, as well as the continuous change of supply and demand relationship. At the same time, they also give priority to the development of the labor force at the same speed and scale, provide skills retraining and upgrading training for employees, and help them prepare for senior manufacturing jobs.

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