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Digital health is stepping into a new stage From China Internet hospital

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Core ideas / main achievements

“Internet hospital in China: digital medical into a new stage” was released by Deloitte China Life Sciences and medical industry team. The report interprets in detail how Internet hospitals burst out under the promotion of “healthy China 2030” strategy and epidemic situation, and puts forward six challenges and coping plans currently faced by Internet hospitals, and makes a reasonable forecast of their future panorama and development trend.

The Internet is changing our life with an irresistible trend, and is rapidly integrating with all walks of life. In October 2016, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the healthy China 2030 planning outline, whose ultimate goal is to improve the overall health level of the people. Therefore, China’s medical industry also needs to complete the transformation from providing “medical security” to providing “health services” and move towards the future of smart medicine. At this stage, the construction of the Internet hospital system is an important foundation for the next step to the development of smart medicine.

Internet hospital service ecology and operation mode

Internet hospital refers to the Internet of physical medical institutions and the Internet hospital based on physical institutions, which is the combination of the Internet and the medical and health industry. At present, internet medical services are mainly divided into four categories: remote diagnosis and treatment, remote diagnosis, post hospital management and health management. At present, Internet hospitals are mainly divided into two types: “hospital + Internet (as the Internet Hospital of second entities in physical medical institutions”) and “Internet plus hospitals (relying on independent hospitals set up by independent medical institutions)”. According to statistics, at present, except for Hainan and Ningxia, the main type is “hospital + Internet”.

After the epidemic, it not only promoted the online sales of prescription drugs in terms of policy, but also supported the Internet hospitals to realize the payment of medical insurance. What’s more, it is a major measure to open up the Internet hospital ecosystem, realizing the complete closed loop of the whole Internet Medical ecosystem from online consultation, online prescription, online settlement and drug distribution.

Figure 1: Internet hospital service ecosystem

Challenges and Countermeasures of Internet hospital

“Internet hospital” repeated construction, homogenization dilemma is increasingly prominent, the core value is not clear. Internet hospital needs to clarify the core value of cooperation with various types of offline entity hospitals, and establish different operation strategies and service modes according to the characteristics of different types of hospitals.

The profit model is not mature, although most of them are in the state of loss, the implementation of medical insurance policy is conducive to the construction of a stable and sustainable profit model of Internet hospitals. After the implementation of relevant supporting policies of internet medical insurance, it will bring a very considerable incremental market for the whole Internet medical market, and complete the new closed loop of internet medical operation from four aspects.

The “siphon effect” of the top three public hospitals may aggravate the imbalance of medical treatment, but reasonable planning and layout will be crucial to promote the construction of Medical Association and medical community. With the opening of support policies for Internet hospitals, the situation of “drawing the ground as a prison” will be broken, and big data analysis, AI, 5g and other high-tech applications are enabling tools to establish and optimize the regional medical information system, so as to achieve the same goal To establish an efficient and secure information sharing mechanism among medical institutions under the medical alliance.

At present, there is no unified and executable Internet hospital management rules for Internet hospitals. Internet hospitals should establish Internet hospital management system according to their own characteristics, including medical service management, hospital pharmacy management, hospital payment management, information security management and hospital quality management system, so as to help online and offline integration and realize deep integration of Internet Medical ecosystem.

The management of doctors and patients needs to be optimized and improved to improve the efficiency. The core of Internet hospital medical service management is to develop an effective online management mechanism for medical practitioners. The key of Internet patient management is the online and offline connection and maintenance of patients.

There are many other challenges in the process of Internet hospital construction, such as the difficulty in defining common and chronic diseases, multi-point practice of doctors, medical insurance payment docking, etc.; the challenges of technology include the inability of ecological chain interconnection, the low degree of cross regional collaboration, the limited utilization efficiency of telemedicine, etc.  

Future panorama and development trend of Internet hospital

Internet plus medical health has become a national key strategy. The Internet hospital regulation policy is clear, and local governments begin to embrace the Internet hospital. The future development direction of Internet hospitals is to open the health care closed loop of medicine, medicine and insurance through the Internet cloud platform, which is the online “health maintenance organization” (HMO) mode. We envisage that under the framework of smart city in the future, the government will take the lead in formulating medical security policies and regulatory systems, coordinating regional resources, establishing disease prevention system in the region, upgrading the regional emergency medical health system, and deepening the smart medical service system, so as to ensure the medical health of residents in the region.

With the development of online economy, the change of thinking concept and business model, the promotion of new infrastructure and the increasing requirements of hospital transformation and development, it is time for Internet hospitals to sail and flourish. We expect that in the next ten years, the medical industry will experience an unprecedented change, and the mode, process and supply of health care services will undergo disruptive innovation and change, completing the transformation from “traditional medical service mode” to “future smart health management mode”. We are looking forward to the influx of more and more cross industry leaders, not only medical and pharmaceutical enterprises, but also scientific and technological innovation enterprises. Under the leadership of government departments, we will work together to create a subversive future healthy ecology.

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