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Digital transformation and development of commercial real estate in intelligent Era From Alibaba cloud & Accenture

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With the unprecedented tightening of real estate policy and industry financing environment, Chinese real estate developers are shifting gears. Among them, with the change of policy and macroeconomic environment, commercial real estate has gradually entered the stock age.

With the penetration of Internet into lifestyle and the gradual evolution of consumers’ value orientation, the profitability of the traditional operation mode of commercial real estate is constantly impacted. The first impact is the impact of e-commerce on offline passenger flow, which leads to the decline of rental business revenue. In order to maintain consumer stickiness, many commercial real estate operators attract customers by regularly investing in decoration costs and changing styles, but the investment costs are difficult to bring the corresponding passenger flow and floor efficiency. The frequent changes of commercial real estate executives in the first half of 2019 also confirmed this from the side.

It is more and more difficult for enterprises to make profits, and the traditional mode has lost its growth momentum. Digital transformation is the only way to “break through”. The digestion and absorption of cutting-edge technology and emerging network forces has become a common choice for the real estate industry. But where is the digital transformation of commercial real estate going?

Abstract: digital transformation and development of commercial real estate in the intelligent age

1. Challenges and opportunities of digital transformation of commercial real estate

The environment is changeable, and the industry has entered the stock age, so it has been unable to make accurate judgment only by relying on experience; the “Matthew effect” of the industry is prominent, and the two-level differentiation is serious, and it is expected that the industry concentration will continue to strengthen in the next 2-3 years; however, the commercial real estate industry as a whole does not pay enough attention to data technology, and generally still stays in the statistics of passenger flow, lacking of digital base and consumer demand The senior managers of commercial real estate enterprises urgently need to strengthen the application of data technology and intelligent technology, optimize business management and on-site operation based on digital ability, and seize the opportunity of consumption upgrading and sinking market consumption.

2. Consumer cognition and interaction reconstruction of commercial real estate

The future commercial real estate industry can timely and positively assist operators to adjust business operation and management strategies through data acquisition and real-time feedback. Through the perspective of potential customers in the business circle, the identification of passenger flow on the floor, the insight of customer transactions and other dimensions, we can establish the demand cognition of consumers, establish the labeling model of consumers, and further strengthen the multi-dimensional understanding of customers; by means of customer refinement and clustering, we can cooperate with the merchants in the shopping center to provide targeted marketing content for different consumers, so as to attract consumers to visit, Improve the customer flow and unit price of shopping malls.

3. Commercial real estate data operation and business cycle

Through the accumulation and use of data, there is a lot of room to improve the operational efficiency of commercial real estate, including the choice of location, investment optimization, and the adjustment of the proportion of formats in the shopping center; assisting merchants to optimize the category layout design and moving line design of stores through data; improving the mutual drainage and pull between stores with high correlation; improving the overall purchasing experience of users; and improving the service quality of commercial real estate Through online coupon collection, offline consumption, online and offline same price, get through logistics and distribution and other marketing means, let consumers get seamless Omni channel experience, and help store operators improve customer conversion rate and transaction rate.

4. The strategic form and transformation path of digital transformation of commercial real estate

The future of commercial real estate is based on the refined operation and management of data technology. With users as the core and data as the link, it will transform from shopping mall to shopping park. Based on data insight, it will optimize the design, people-oriented and experience as the king. Only in this way can it really obtain the differentiated competitiveness.

The future strategic form of the commercial real estate industry will mainly include the transformation of infrastructure to cloud computing represented by distributed architecture, the gradual digitization / digitization of small programs / APP front-end and “on-site” shop contacts, the online transaction and operation business, the gradual digitization / intellectualization of customer operation and marketing, and the realization of ecological data cooperation in industries closely related to consumption scenarios .

Xiao Jian, chief writer of the white paper and strategic director of Alibaba cloud Research Center, said that in today’s commercial real estate industry, it is not the internal competition that subverts the traditional model, but the changes of consumers and external challenges. When digital technology breaks the boundaries of the industry and the new and old forces interact and fuse online and offline, the boundaries of operation lie where the users are. From traditional competition logic to Ecological Symbiosis logic, from traditional mode to technological innovation, the pursuit of user value and the search for growth space based on digital main line will become the eternal business theme of commercial real estate industry in the future.

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