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Digital transformation report of automobile industry in 2021 From GuoShuang

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From the perspective of automobile enterprises, the report focuses on five links: Digital R & D system, digital production, digital supply chain, digital marketing and digital service. It not only comprehensively expounds the main pain points in the process of digital transformation in each link, but also points out the direction of digital landing. At the same time, it makes in-depth analysis on typical cases of digital transformation in automobile industry, The purpose is to provide professional reference and decision-making basis for the digital transformation of enterprises in corresponding fields.

GuoShuang has been deeply engaged in the automobile industry for more than ten years and accumulated rich industry experience. Relying on the new generation of analytical data warehouse, artificial intelligence platform, knowledge intelligence platform, industrial Internet platform, digital twin technology platform, business intelligence and data visualization software and other independent and controllable core technologies, it has opened up the whole link of data intelligence, knowledge intelligence and industrial intelligence, It can fully enable the digital transformation of automobile industry.

1. Digital R & D improves the efficiency of combination of human and vehicle

For the digital transformation of automobile R & D, the main purpose is to improve the R & D efficiency and reduce the R & D cost, so as to reduce the vehicle cost, shorten the R & D cycle, and put the products on the market with lower price and more customer demand.

The intelligent energy consumption system (ies) jointly developed by GuoShuang, Shanghai Automotive Group Technology Center and zebra Technology Network Co., Ltd. is a typical case of digital research and development. The system uses the mainstream machine learning model, based on the data of vehicle, driving behavior, road environment, weather and so on collected by the Internet of vehicles, carries out data modeling, continuously optimizes and iterates, and finally feeds back the analysis and prediction results to users through the vehicle intelligent app, so as to improve the accuracy of driving range and alleviate the mileage anxiety.

2. Digital reshaping automobile production process

At present, the whole vehicle production process is mainly divided into five processes: stamping process, welding process, coating process, final assembly process and testing process. The digital transformation of production is the cluster innovation breakthrough and deep integration of Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies. It transforms the whole process, whole chain and all factors of vehicle production, and gives full play to the value creation function of data elements, so as to realize the construction of digital factory – real-time visualization of production process Intelligent manufacturing – to build predictive maintenance of production equipment and production quality management of the whole life cycle.

3. New generation automobile supply chain under data chain

In view of the difficulties of inflexible execution, low business efficiency and data fragmentation existing in the traditional automobile supply chain, digitization can effectively integrate with business flow to realize seamless docking of production materials and full traceability of products; The data chain is used to realize the supply coordination between headquarters and branches, production bases, vehicle factories, and parts suppliers, so as to enhance the emergency response capability.

4. Digital marketing pattern under the blessing of innovative technology

In the digital era, automobile enterprises are rapidly changing from the traditional network centric sales to the consumer centric business model. With the rapid development of digital mall, intelligent store, Omni channel marketing and other channels, the current automobile retail is breaking through the data barrier through various digital technologies. While reconstructing the online and offline retail scene, it optimizes the omni channel shopping experience of consumers, and successfully realizes automobile retail by transforming consumer data into efficiency.

Specifically, innovative technology empowers automobile enterprise marketing from the following aspects:

Precise advertising, breaking through the traditional automobile marketing mode

Digital content marketing assistant, good content brings good sales

Data driven business development and refined operation of consumers

Intelligent auxiliary sales help offline stores realize digitization

Establish data driven refined management of offline 4S stores

5. Digital experience defines after sales service

With the development of economy, China’s automobile industry is growing. From less than 100 million cars in 2012 to 240 million by the end of 2019, it has increased by 1.5 times in seven years, with a compound annual growth rate of 16%. The huge number and growth rate of domestic cars also fully broaden the automotive after-sales market, and it is imperative to provide better after-sales service. To build a digital after-sales service system, first, to realize the in vehicle digital upgrading driven by the Internet of vehicles; The second is to upgrade after-sales service driven by smart stores.

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