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Digital transformation trend report of China’s hotel industry in 2021 From Stone based information

The following is the Digital transformation trend report of China’s hotel industry in 2021 From Stone based information recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Travel booking, research report.

Digital transformation of China’s hotel industry

Combined with expert interviews and research results, we believe that some Chinese wine travel enterprises, as pioneers, have entered the immersion period, but most of the industry are still in the reaction period and are moving towards the progress period.

However, in this process, there will always be contradictions between ideal and reality. These contradictions restrict us to take a step forward and are also the key point to open the gap with our competitors.

Digital transformation becomes the top strategy of the industry

Among the respondents, 56.3% thought that the epidemic had a great impact on the digital transformation of their enterprises; 90% thought that it was more important or more important to carry out digital transformation after the epidemic than before; and 65.2% of the respondents would increase the investment in digital transformation in 2021.

This means that, driven by the epidemic, digital transformation has become an industry level strategy instead of a single spark.

Data analysis system

From Operation Oriented to user oriented

We know that consumers have always been at the heart of the digital transformation. For the hotel, the ultimate goal is to keep online all the time and realize full link coverage from far field, midfield, near field, zero distance to back field.

From the survey, we can also see that the three major strategic objectives of Chinese hotel enterprises in 2021 are: strengthening the existing customer relationship, increasing the user retention rate and re purchase, acquiring new customers, increasing the number of bookings and providing consistent and high-quality experience for guests.

This shows that the core of digital transformation of China’s hotel industry is iterating from Operation Oriented to user oriented.

The construction of digital channel system is mature

The gap of cloud computing application in the industry is still widening

For hotels, the benefits of cloud system are self-evident. 79.1% of the respondents think that cloud architecture will make the business model more flexible and agile, and 68.9% think it is conducive to the scale development of the company.

Organizational structure for digital transformation

Talent bottleneck is the biggest challenge of digital innovation in hotel industry

In this survey, the top three challenges hindering digital transformation are applicability and large-scale use (61%), outdated system architecture (58%) and lack of digital talents (59%).

The lack of digital talents is also the consensus of the interviewees. According to the survey results, only 19% of the interviewees are very confident that the enterprises have sufficient talents to ensure the achievement of the goal of digital transformation in 2021.

In the next few years, the gap of digital talents in hotel industry is likely to be bigger and bigger. On the one hand, the hotel needs to carry out talent and organizational transformation, on the other hand, with the rise of digitization, some new jobs may be born in the industry.

Digital input output measurement

In terms of input and output, the industry is faced with a dilemma

On the one hand, new technologies emerge in endlessly, but they have not been tested in practice. Hotels in a confused period do not know and are not sure whether they want to invest in new technologies.

On the other hand, a lot of technology investment, especially infrastructure technology investment, investment return is really difficult to measure, or it takes a long time to show.

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