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Don’t be China’s youtube, be the world’s B station From Everbright Securities

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BiliBili is a leading young people’s cultural community in China. 3q20 Mau (monthly active users) reaches 197 million, and generation Z users account for more than 80%. It is the most popular app of generation Z

Based on the second dimension, the company continuously breaks the circle to attract users through rich original content ecology, retains users with unique community cultural atmosphere, and finally realizes through mobile games, advertising, live broadcast and value-added services, and e-commerce. With the stronger purchasing power and higher consumption willingness brought by the economic independence of generation Z, BiliBili will have more possibilities in the future by encircling this unique group of users.

The uniqueness of BiliBili and its competitive barrier lie in the high-quality cultural community, which is also the fundamental reason for the high stickiness and high retention rate of platform users

The core of the company’s business model is to seize the needs of generation Z users and provide corresponding Internet pan entertainment consumption services by encircling generation Z users. The company’s long-term investment and Cultivation in content ecology, users and the whole operation mode have created a close emotional bond between up owners and users, users and users, up owners and up owners, forming a unique community atmosphere and community-based cultural influence.

Pugc (content produced by professional users) has low cost and high quality. It builds a stage for talented creators by building a mechanism to produce high-quality content, and maintains the long-term attraction of the content end

The company has formed a content ecology with pugc content as the core and copyright content as the supplement. In the past 19 years, BiliBili pugc video broadcasting contributed 90.1%. The platform’s all-round up master support plan and good interaction feedback between users and up master promote the sustainable development of pugc ecology.    

Breaking the circle of content drives users to break the circle and opens up the space for users to grow

BiliBili, which started from the second dimension, has made continuous breakthroughs in content richness, and has formed a pan entertainment community covering 20 sectors, including animation, Fanju, guochuang, entertainment, life and ghost animal. On the one hand, the company attracts up owners in various fields to enrich pugc ecology; on the other hand, it feeds back pugc through video content copyright investment and self-made TV programs to realize the pan entertainment of content, weaken the secondary label, and move from the minority to the public, so as to realize the vision of “everything can be a B station”.

The realization mode is gradually clear, and the business is flourishing

In the early days, Bili mainly relied on two-dimensional game cash flow. Now it has expanded to advertising, live broadcast and member value-added services, e-commerce and other channels, with more diversified cash flow channels. The company maintained a strong performance in the first three quarters of 2020, with revenue of 8.16 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 71.0%. Considering that the company’s big members, e-commerce and information flow advertising have only been launched for more than two years and are still in the initial stage of commercialization, we think that the company has a large space for growth.

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