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Emerging digital, social and political trends From Marketing transformation

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Deloitte released its latest CMO survey, “marketing transformation emerging digital, social and political trends.”. In January 2021, a survey of about 350 top marketers of for-profit companies in the United States found that 72.2% of the respondents said that the importance of marketing had increased in the past year. This is an increase from the last survey (June 2020), when 62.3% of the people held the same view. 20.3% of respondents said that the importance of marketing did not change last year. Only 7.5% of respondents said the importance of marketing had declined in the past year.

More marketers now focus on acquiring new customers (20.8%) than before (14%), and the other 16.3% focus on improving customers’ awareness of their brand.

Also noteworthy is the return on investment. According to the June survey, only 3.6% of respondents made improving the return on marketing investment their primary goal. Recent surveys show that this figure has more than doubled (7.4%).

Nearly 3 / 4 of the marketing staff have transferred resources to build better customer-oriented digital interface (73.6%).

Covid-19 marketing strategy

When asked about the short-term effect of the marketing strategy used during the new crown pandemic (1-7 points, 1 = very poor, 7 = very effective), the largest proportion of respondents (33.4%) rated the strategy as 6 points. By industry, the respondents from retail / wholesale industry had the most effective overall evaluation on their marketing strategy (average 5.8), while the respondents from energy industry had the lowest evaluation on their marketing strategy (4.3).

CMO is optimistic that the marketing strategy adopted during the pandemic will be an important long-term opportunity for their company. 33.3% of the respondents rated these strategies as 6 points, while 25.6% rated them as 7 points.

This pandemic has also increased the tendency of CMOS to prepare for the future. Although respondents said that they spent most of their time (62.3%) managing the present, the proportion preparing for the future has increased from 31.5% in August 2019 to 37.7% in February 2021.

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