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Entertainment in 2020 white paper From Massive engine

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In 2020, affected by the special period, the whole entertainment industry is looking for light in the dark, and the film and television works are emerging with the change of market environment, showing “new vitality”. Recently, a white paper on the calculation of entertainment by massive engine 2020 was released (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report shows that: under the new environment and new trend, the effect of integrated entertainment marketing full link solution is prominent. Relying on the vibrant sound, tiktok, watermelon video and other entertainment important positions, the huge engine has opened up new ways to entertainment marketing through the constantly improving interactive strategy of film and television, forming a multi – link interaction, end-to-end entertainment ecology, and creating a business mode of “global link, multi blooming” from the system of propaganda, broadcasting and integration, interaction and integration of products and effects.

Looking for light in the dark, thorns grow and entertainment industry radiates “new vitality”

1. The big box office will be boosted by the small screen

Although China’s film market has experienced a dark moment, there are also small surprises. In 2020, many films chose to release the relevant tiktok or fragments in the first time before the movie, forming a trend of “not to broadcast the first fire”, which provided a good channel for the early release of the movie. Box office TOP10 movies in 2020 tiktok opened their official accounts and launched pre publicity campaigns, which helped to boost the box office of the movie.

2. audience in the new mode of tiktok

2020 is the “first year” of suspense drama and the year of “sweet favorite” drama. The total number of topics in the hidden corner related to the tiktok play is 4 billion 570 million, and the more vivid and detailed content collection also lets fans sing in the chattering mode. During the tiktok of the thirty episode, the audience also launched a chasing drama mode on the jitter, and the classic tiktok got a high volume in the shaking platform.

3. The variety show segment makes the stem, and the popular IP comes out of the circle one after another

The segments of variety show are more suitable for making stem and circle and secondary fermentation. In 2020, a wow let the C, who was a small fine artist, Yu Shu Xin, debut, “the yellow long skirt and fluffy hair” in the sound of the sound to get high tiktok. These famous scenes of overnight explosion not only bring entertainment to the audience, but also make the program content out of the circle. 2020 tiktok tiktok tiktok tiktok 2019 increased 37%, and by the end of December 2020, the interaction of voice and voice content increased year by year, and the volume of comments increased by 103% over the same period. The audience was also following the sound of the chase, and was also chasing the variety and discussing the variety.

4. Stars shine new light and open new business model

In 2020, the stars who play the role of strength will rely on the high-quality works of “fighting” to let the public see the power of strength again. Star career opportunities are limited, at the same time, there are more exploitable tracks. The form of live broadcast with goods turns the flow into carrying goods. The confluence of head flow and central red man brings visual carnival for the brand and the public.

Stable development of entertainment content and co construction of prosperous content ecological “circle”

1. Continuous production of “tap water”

The producers of entertainment content, such as stars, become the connector of content and entertainment interest, providing a continuous stream of content. The number of movie and TV comprehensive accounts and stars has increased, proving the “hot” of massive engine entertainment. By the end of November 2020, the voice of the tiktok had been over 3000. By the end of 2020, the number of tiktok entertainment accounts increased by 362% compared to 2019. At the same time, film and television creators and stars are constantly improving their own content output power, building a “tap water” for entertainment content production. In 2020, the number of accounts related to the tiktok film and TV related accounts increased by 467% over the same period last year, and the content of the released was also increased by 382%, while the number of players in the stars increased by 431%.

2. Everyone is a “trendsetter”, supporting the entertainment content ecology

Vibrant, tiktok, watermelon video entertainment interest groups are different.

Integrated entertainment marketing full link solution, let marketing “out of the loop”

Entertainment is a circle. How can entertainment marketing get out of the circle?

1. Integrated whole link marketing solution: realize the real “one fish, more food”

The entertainment marketing strategy of massive engine “global link, multi-point flowering” makes the brand integrate the pre production and broadcasting of film and television comprehensive content, forming “integration of production, publicity and broadcasting”; in the medium term, top stars, talents and users are the participants, relying on the interactive mode of challenge and national task, amplifying the brand voice, forming “integration of interactive transformation”.

More importantly, relying on the rich product forms in the platform, massive engine can help brands build private domain traffic. It can not only release brand value in a diversified way, but also make brand power take root. At the same time, it can complete the transformation of e-commerce through private domain precipitation, achieve the integration of product and effect, and finally realize the maximization of entertainment marketing value, so as to truly realize the brand’s integration on massive engine platform Link integrated marketing, to achieve “multi-point flowering”, maximize the long-term value.

2. Interactive full link solution: let the content split and add weight to the brand

Based on a large number of talents and users, the massive engine can provide a full link solution for film and television integrated interactive marketing, enlarge the value of film and television integrated content, and help the brand potential spread.

In the aspect of cultural and entertainment interactive marketing, we should take the talent solicitation mode as the core, drive high-quality talent to produce high-quality content, form the fission of film and television comprehensive content marketing effect, and detonate high-quality film and television comprehensive IP.

In the interactive marketing of brand, the brand of cooperative brand in original content will be continuously challenged by competition, stickers and rich derivative methods. In the tiktok, today’s headlines and watermelon videos, the fans will be transformed into fans of fans and fans, and eventually the brand assets will be precipitated.

3. Star Marketing full link solution, leading the new trend

As the responsibility of traffic and topic creation, stars play an important role in entertainment marketing. Based on national level platform capability and diversified product matrix, massive engine has formed a perfect star marketing ecology, which can continuously upgrade products and play methods for star marketing of brand owners, and provide the strongest frontier for brand marketing.

The whole link solution created by massive engine for star marketing includes star marketing data system, star marketing products, content system, star content trading platform and user precipitation transformation system. It provides the whole process data, products, content and trading services for brands, and constantly leads the new trend of brand marketing.

The sun is still rising, looking forward to new style and new vitality

2020 is an extraordinary year. The whole entertainment industry has experienced a dark moment. But we can see that through continuous innovation and persistence, all walks of life are recovering tenaciously, and the entertainment industry is also looking for a bright future in the dark. We have witnessed the new vitality of the entertainment market together, and we can also see the new expression of social value from the perspective of literary works.

The sun will rise as usual, looking forward to the entertainment industry’s new style and new vitality. Blue sky and white clouds will arrive as scheduled.

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