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EU business environment report 2020-2021 From Research Institute of CCPIT

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China’s novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is deeply intertwined with the world’s great change in the past century, and instability and uncertainty are increasing, the report points out. However, China and the EU have made progress in meeting difficulties. The two sides have enhanced mutual trust in joining hands in the fight against the epidemic, promoted fruitful results in China EU relations, signed the China EU geographical indication agreement, and completed the China EU investment agreement negotiations on schedule. For the first time, China has become the largest trade partner of the EU. China EU relations have shown resilience and vitality in the face of crises and challenges, sending a positive signal to the world.

“Novel coronavirus pneumonia” epidemic situation during the period of the new EU champions’ protectionism signs are obvious, making enterprises enter the EU market more difficult, to crack down on foreign investment enterprises’ confidence in EU investment, and expect the EU Chinese enterprises to expect the EU’s future business environment to be pessimistic. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new factor in the development of the new era of pneumonia. The EU business environment presents three outstanding problems: first, the EU and some member states further tighten the foreign investment review, resulting in a backsliding of foreign capital market access, which is manifested in the trigger threshold for multinational countries to reduce foreign investment, the expansion of the scope of foreign investment examination, and the lengthening of the time limit for examination. Strengthen the prior administrative approval process, etc; Second, the EU issued a white paper on foreign subsidies to build new protection barriers; Third, the discrimination against foreign investment is becoming more and more serious in the implementation of EU policies, and it is difficult for Chinese enterprises in Europe to equally enjoy EU support policies.

In order to help the EU rebuild a good business environment and restore the confidence of Chinese enterprises in EU investment, the report puts forward three suggestions: first, relax the access restrictions for foreign enterprises to enter the EU, help foreign enterprises integrate into the EU economy, provide more jobs for the EU and help the EU economic recovery; Second, stop setting up new protective barriers and tools, and suggest that the EU and its member states strictly implement the principles of national treatment and non discrimination, so as to avoid foreign subsidy review becoming a tool of protectionism; The third is to give real national treatment to foreign-funded enterprises. It is suggested that the EU should treat local enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises equally, avoid selective and discriminatory law enforcement, formulate clear policy implementation process, and ensure that foreign-funded enterprises can enjoy the support policies fairly.

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