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European digital decade From 2030 digital compass

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The European Commission recently proposed the “2030 digital compass” plan, which points out the direction for the successful digital transformation of Europe in the next decade.

According to the report on the official website of the European Commission, the plan includes four specific goals and sets many wonderful digital scenarios for the European Union in 2030. For example, by then, all EU households will have Gigabit connectivity, and all densely populated areas will have 5g coverage; the advanced and sustainable semiconductors produced by the EU will account for at least 20% of the total global output; and the first quantum computer in the region will be developed.

With the help of this plan, the European Commission hopes to strengthen the digital sovereignty of the region in an open and interconnected world, implement digital policies and build a people-centered, sustainable and more prosperous digital future.

Four specific goals

The “digital compass” plan proposed by the European Commission specifies the digital goals to be achieved by 2030, including four basic aspects:

First, it has a large number of citizens who can skillfully use digital technology and a highly professional digital talent team. By 2030, at least 80% of adults in the EU should have basic digital skills and 20 million in-service ICT experts, with a significant increase in the proportion of women.

The second is to build a secure, high-performance and sustainable digital infrastructure. By 2030, all EU households should achieve Gigabit (GB, equivalent to Gigabit) connectivity, and all densely populated areas should achieve 5g coverage; the cutting-edge and sustainable semiconductors (including processors) produced by the EU should account for at least 20% of the global total output value; and the first quantum computer in Europe should be produced.

The third is committed to the digital transformation of enterprises: by 2030, three-quarters of EU enterprises should use cloud computing services, big data and artificial intelligence; more than 90% of SMEs should at least reach the basic digital level; the number of EU Unicorn enterprises should double.

Fourth, we should vigorously promote the digitalization of public services. By 2030, all key public services should be online; all citizens will have access to their own electronic medical records; and 80% of citizens should use the electronic identity card (EID) solution.

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