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Evaluation and analysis report on security capability of blockchain in 2021 From China Institute of information technology

The following is the Evaluation and analysis report on security capability of blockchain in 2021 From China Institute of information technology recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Blockchain, research report.

As blockchain technology continues to play a positive and important role in the construction of new infrastructure and the development of digital economy, blockchain infrastructure, as the core hub for carrying all kinds of blockchain applications on the top and connecting network infrastructure on the bottom, its security development has gradually become the key to promoting the mainstream of blockchain business.

In order to improve the overall security level of the blockchain infrastructure and even the blockchain ecology, the Security Research Institute of China Academy of information and communication (hereinafter referred to as “China Academy of information and communication”) released the “evaluation and analysis report on blockchain security capability (2021)” based on the security problems found in the first round of blockchain security capability evaluation held from November 2020 to January 2021.

The report combs the security situation of the current blockchain infrastructure in the fields of system account authority management, privacy protection, password mechanism, consensus mechanism, smart contract, security operation and maintenance. Among them, the security capabilities in the fields of authority management and password mechanism are different, and the security capabilities in the fields of account management, data flow management, key storage and key leakage reset need to be strengthened; the self research proportion of consensus mechanism is high, but the security is lack of verification; the security technical means in the fields of privacy protection, smart contract and system operation and maintenance are relatively single, and the third-party security capabilities and blockchain are professional The ability of safety protection is limited.

The report also summarizes the top ten security risks of blockchain infrastructure by comprehensively evaluating the detection proportion and severity of security risks in this round of evaluation, and proposes the top ten must know and must know of blockchain infrastructure in view of the security risks and lack of security guarantee in the evaluation of blockchain infrastructure. Finally, the report looks forward to the new direction of blockchain infrastructure security from 2021 to 2023, and puts forward suggestions for the future development of blockchain security.

In the future, the Institute of security of China Academy of information technology will give full play to its professional advantages in the field of security, continue to carry out research and evaluation of security standardization in the fields of blockchain infrastructure, services and applications, and work with the industry to build a healthy and safe blockchain infrastructure and blockchain ecosystem.

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