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Evolution of mobile network security requirements in the Internet of things and 5g Era From Radware

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Radware released the report “evolution of mobile network security requirements in the Internet of things and 5g era”.

1. Developing network security environment:

The speed of 5g mobile network is expected to be similar to that of land line. Extremely low latency will greatly benefit users and IOT devices. On the other hand, the extensive deployment of the new generation network expands the ability of hackers to destroy. Hackers can connect a server to 5g from anywhere and launch attacks in cooperation with other server armies.

The severity and frequency of network attacks continue to develop at an alarming rate

2. New environment of mobile network attack

It is difficult for network security managers to predict and prepare what will happen next, because hackers never wait. They have been developing new, technologically advanced ways to target mobile web services and their customers. Regulators have noted and warned service providers of their readiness to mitigate attacks on 5g networks.

Robots account for 56% of Internet traffic. Almost half of robot traffic is for positive purposes. Robots often grab information on the Internet, collect information for search engines, search for intellectual property rights, discover copyright violations, and other useful tasks.

With the approval of the first set of 5g new radio (NR) specifications, an important milestone has been established on the road of commercial 5g deployment. By 2025, 4G is expected to dominate the market, and 5g promises faster speed and lower latency.

3. The rise of Internet of things and 5g devices:

Internet of things devices are rarely monitored and poorly maintained, which makes it easy for hackers to shut down or attack a large number of devices. Hackers can control thousands of devices at very low or even zero cost. In contrast, for more traditional distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, they face higher costs in accessing and controlling servers.

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