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Financial application report 2021 From AppAnnie.

The following is the Financial application report 2021 From AppAnnie. recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, Mobile applications, financial technology.

Appannie released the 2021 financial application report, which analyzes five latest financial trends:

1. The demand for financial applications from investment, banking, transfer and government assistance is growing

In 2020, the number of downloads of new financial applications will be 4.6 billion, a year-on-year increase of 15%, more than twice the growth rate of the overall download volume.

In 2020, demand for financial applications in Latin America will surge, with Brazil growing 75% year-on-year and Argentina 90% year-on-year.

The number of downloads of global financial applications increased in April and soared in December. This effect shows that the lasting impact of the pandemic has boosted the download of financial applications.

2. Mobile becomes the channel to influence financial decision

In 2020, the use time of financial applications will increase by 16.3 billion hours, an increase of 45% year on year.

Investment and trading applications are the main growth areas: the visit time of the top five investment and trading applications increased by 55% year on year.

Participation in investment applications is particularly high in the Americas: 135% year-on-year growth. Canada and Mexico grew 115% year on year. South Korea is the fastest growing country in the Asia Pacific region, with an increase of 120%.

3. The performance of top financial technology applications is 10.8 times higher than that of the best banking applications

The closest one is Australia, where the average number of sessions per user per month in the fintech app is only 10% higher than in the banking app.

China and South Korea are in the lead, with the average user creating hundreds of sessions per fintech application.

4. Retail banking applications are still popular in North America and Europe, while financial technology disruptors top the list across the Asia Pacific region.

5. Measure the rising star by achievements

In terms of the most breakthrough financial technology applications in 2020, Japan’s paypay performance score is 100, surpassing the top banks and financial technology applications in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Chase mobile is the only app that outperforms paypay in any measure, with an emotional score of 97 and a paypay score of 93.

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