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Financial environment risk analysis method case report From NGFS

The following is the Financial environment risk analysis method case report From NGFS recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, financial technology.

The case set introduces the methods and application cases of environmental risk analysis of more than 30 institutions in detail, and discusses them in depth. This 600 page case set is the most complete literature on environmental risk analysis so far. It can transform some of the original “private” methods into public products to a great extent, help to promote environmental risk analysis methods in a large area, and encourage global financial institutions to further develop and improve these analysis methods.

“The content of the case set is closely related to all financial institutions and financial regulators. It contains profound insights in the field of environmental risk analysis and a large number of technical details, which is of great value. The report also introduces the application examples of environmental risk analysis by some international financial institutions, which can also play an exemplary role and encourage other institutions to follow suit. ” Frank Elderson said.

“As an important part of green finance, financial regulators should put the promotion and application of environmental risk analysis on the agenda. In addition, the basic methods of environmental risk analysis should be provided to the global financial industry in the form of public goods, so as to reduce the R & D cost of financial institutions in this field. We hope that the “review” and “case set” can effectively promote the popularization of relevant methods, and encourage and guide the further development of research and application in this important field. ” Ma Jun said. Wang Xin, director of the Research Bureau of the people’s Bank of China, said in a recent article published in Tsinghua Financial Review (“debate and international practice on incorporating climate change related risks into the policy framework of the central bank”) “the financial risks caused by climate change have been highly concerned by the central banks and financial regulatory authorities of various economies. The central bank and financial regulators should continue to strengthen research, fully consider climate change factors in the formulation of financial management, monetary policy and macro Prudential policy, focus on industries and regions that are greatly affected by climate change related risks, and actively strengthen relevant international exchanges and cooperation. “

Ye Yanfei, the first level inspector of the Policy Research Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said: “climate change is the most severe, urgent and lasting challenge facing mankind since the beginning of civilization. To deal with climate change, to adjust business structure and mode, to manage climate change risk and a series of risks caused by it are related to the vital interests of banks and insurance institutions. The release of the two important reports of ngfs “summary” and “case series” will provide important reference for China’s banking and insurance industries in carrying out their own environmental and climate risks. “

Yin Hong, vice president of Modern Research Institute of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, said: “it is precisely because of the awareness of the relevance and importance of environmental risk that industrial and Commercial Bank of China began to study the impact of environmental risk on bank credit business as early as 2015. It is one of the earliest financial institutions in the world to carry out environmental risk analysis. This time, ICBC’s environmental risk analysis method, as an important representative of China’s related fields, has also been included in the case set. ICBC will continue to strengthen cooperation with relevant leading international and domestic institutions, and strengthen the research and application of financial industry, especially banking industry in the field of environmental risk analysis. “

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