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GP bullhound released the “financial technology report for the third quarter of 2020”, which analyzes three major trends:

Bnpl (buy now pay later) becomes the focus

Since the popularity of covid, consumers have become more and more interested in using debit cards instead of credit cards. Visa’s number of credit cards, for example, fell sharply in May from a year earlier, while debit card usage increased by 12%.

Although consumer interest is the main reason for this change, we hope that retailers can improve this, because platforms such as klarna, afterpay and confirm have shown an increase in purchase frequency and transaction value.

Investors are well aware of this shift, and klarna received $650 million from Silver Lake in September 2020. In addition, afterpay’s share price has risen 173% this year.

Blockchain: building product market fit and attracting institutional venture capital participants

With the maturity of financial technology sub industry, blockchain has obtained a lot of investment this year. Pioneering leaders such as ripple and coinbase have demonstrated the importance of blockchain based solutions. Blockchain protocol can be applied to many solutions in the technology industry, but most of the current needs of investors are in the field of financial technology.

Private equity transactions in the branch industry grew strongly, from 134 in 2015 to 499 in 2019. In terms of investment, the investment in 2019 is 1.8 billion euro, and the investment in the first three quarters of 2020 has reached 1.6 billion euro. Despite the current poor economic situation, the sub industry is still attractive to investors.

Emerging market payment platforms narrow the payment innovation gap

The surge in mobile devices is driving an explosive growth in global spending on digital mobile content and app stores, which is expected to double to $171 billion in the next five years. The super localized payment platform in emerging market regions has narrowed the payment innovation gap between developed countries and emerging markets by developing a multi in one platform that connects global businesses and consumers.

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