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Accenture released a new report, “fjord trend 2021.”. The cowid-19 crisis redefines the overall function of economy and society. Human creativity has triggered a wave of innovation, which will become the blueprint for the next few decades. The annual report of Accenture’s global network of designers and creators finds that as companies adopt new strategies, services and experiences to meet changing human needs, they will have the opportunity to plan new areas.

The report highlights seven new trends:

1. Collective displacement: when we jointly seek new ways and places to do what we need to do and what we love to do, we have a common sense of displacement. Many people have changed the way they work, shop, study, socialize, support their parents and take care of their health. Brands need to find new ways and provide new experiences to interact with people.

2. Do it yourself Innovation: people come up with new ways to promote innovation. From people who work at home using ironing boards as standing desks to parents becoming teachers, technology plays a new role as a promoter of people’s creativity. Everyone hopes to have a better solution, and the era of brand creating the final solution is transiting to the era of brand creating conditions for individual innovation.

3. The sweet team is composed of: those who work remotely now live in the office, which has a huge impact on the reciprocal agreements between employers and employees and many assumptions around them, such as who has the final decision on what to wear, making work-related video calls at home, or being responsible for protecting the privacy of family workers. Even with the prospect of widespread vaccination in the future, the relationship between people and work, as well as between employers and teams, has changed permanently.

4. Mobile infrastructure: as people’s way of acquiring products and interacting with services has been replaced, enterprises have to rethink the use of supply chain and all physical assets, and focus on pleasure points. This requires companies to build agility and flexibility throughout the organization in order to quickly adapt to change.

5. Interactionism: people spend more time interacting with the world through the screen, so people notice that the template design in digital experience will bring some “sameness”. Enterprises must rethink the design, content, audience and their interaction in order to inject more excitement, joy and contingency into the screen experience.

6. Empathy challenge: people are deeply concerned about what brands stand for and how they express their values. The pandemic has refocused many of the world’s fragmented and unequal institutions. Therefore, companies must strive to manage narratives that shape their brands, prioritize the most important themes, and build their own behaviors around them.

7. The ritual of loss and discovery: from the celebration of childbirth to the farewell of death, has a significant impact on the well-being of the whole community. This trend suggests that companies must help people find meaning through new rituals that bring joy and comfort.

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