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Overview of Deloitte football fortune list in 2021

The total revenue of the top 20 football clubs in the world in the 2019 / 20 season was 8.2 billion euros, 12% lower than last season (9.3 billion euros). The following reasons have a comprehensive impact on and resulted in the decrease of 1.1 billion euro revenue;

Broadcasting revenue decreased by EUR 937 million (23%), mainly due to the delay of broadcasting delivery to fiscal year 2021 and the compensation to broadcasters due to the interruption of 19 / 20 events;

The revenue of competition day decreased by 257 million euro (17%). Due to the postponement or cancellation of the competition and the empty play after the second round, this part caused the irrecoverable revenue loss;

Business revenue increased by EUR 105 million (3%), partially offsetting the decline in revenue, reflecting significant business cooperation among the major clubs on the football fortune list in 2019 / 20.

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