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Forecast 2021 media trend and Forecast Report From Kaidu

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The impact of the epidemic has triggered a decade of media innovation. The latest release of the “forecast 2021 | Kaidu media trends and forecast report”, to guide the formulation of next year’s media strategy. The report is divided into three main themes:

1. Media trend: industry change forces direction or method change;

2. Media performance: addressing the growing challenges of measurement and effectiveness;

3. Media and people: focus on audience and data

Media trends

Go ahead or stop? Audience behavior and industry trends

Affected by the continuous impact of the epidemic, 77% of global consumers are pessimistic about the future economy. The lack of consumer confidence directly leads to a sharp decrease in advertising. Due to the isolation of homes, the media consumption of families continues to rise. More brands choose more flexible delivery modes and focus on digital channels. However, the Chinese market shows a completely different style. With the comprehensive resumption of work and school, the Chinese market has taken the lead in achieving recovery. According to the data of CTR media Zhixun, in October 2020, China’s advertising market spending (example price) ushered in double growth year-on-year and month on month, with a year-on-year increase of 10.1% and a month on month increase of 5.8%. Including television, traditional outdoor, elevator, cinema and other advertising channels have performed well.

2021 outlook

Brandztm data shows that under the pressure of economic recession, enterprises that continue to invest in building brand resilience can successfully avoid the crisis. According to the latest media reactions report released by Kaidu, worldwide, the new crown epidemic has brought about “long-term changes” in media and advertising investment strategies. It is expected that brand owners will invest more in digital advertising in 2021; in China, although the epidemic will not disappear for a while, public consumption behavior has returned to normal. Choosing whether to move forward or not will vary according to users, media and categories. A brand needs to maintain a tough attitude and keep understanding of what consumers think and what the market is reacting to in order to respond quickly and in real time.

Is it an enemy or a friend? Content platform and e-commerce platform

Relying on the fire’s KOL live broadcast and social e-commerce, 58% of the world’s generation Z are used to browsing and shopping online on social media and video apps. In this year’s tmall double 11, Taobao live broadcast has become a new engine for businesses to achieve growth. The “perfect diary” of the new cutting-edge domestic beauty cosmetics, which has become popular on the Internet, has successfully used the social grass planting platforms such as xiaohongshu to release brand potential energy and influence other brands to re-examine media delivery strategies. After carrying social content, e-commerce began to erode users’ time on the content platform. The boundary between the content platform and the e-commerce platform is no longer clear, and it is on the road of competition and cooperation.

2021 outlook

Brands need to achieve effective Omni channel marketing, influence consumers in different purchase decision-making stages in the brand funnel, and accurately launch advertisements based on data to attract consumers and promote transformation. Because the boundary between content platform and electronic business platform is broken, the role of the two party in marketing is no longer limited to the former “grass planting”, and the latter “weeding” – a content type social media represented by tiktok and jitter, which not only helps brands acquire traffic, but also helps brands transform and shorten the buying path of “grass planting” to “weeding”. Brand needs to rethink Omni channel marketing strategy.

03. Establish brand data strategy: Data openness and transparency within the organization

There is no doubt about the importance of data for decision-making. The brand’s thirst for data reached a new high during the outbreak – Kaidu’s covid-19 barometer reported 250000 hits in the first two months. Marketers are eager for data, but according to the report data of Kaidu media reactions, more than half (51%) of marketers in the world lack all the data needed for decision-making. As the importance of data for strategy becomes increasingly prominent, brands need to pay more attention to the quality, focus and open access of data when organizing internal data strategy.

2021 outlook

In 2021, we will see more integration of first-party and third-party data, creating a data platform open to the interior. The media team of the brand can submit the data in the insight platform to the decision-making level of the enterprise for verification, and then import it into the data platform for future use. But the data itself is not equal to the answer. What is more important is to transform the data into operational insights. Only through in-depth analysis of the commercial publicity activities of this product and competitive products, and timely understanding of the brand with changing consumer attitude and flexible response can we achieve sustained growth.

Media performance

04. Importance of social media digital priority

The research of Kaidu crossmedia shows that in the current economic environment, social media can become the most cost-effective advertising media, which can spread and spread content creatively, and help consumers better familiarize themselves with a certain brand. The influence and effectiveness of online media has always been the focus of attention. In terms of the global market, social media consumers have low trust in social media content. However, in terms of the Chinese market, due to the fact that Chinese netizens spend nearly the same amount of time using various kinds of apps, the challenge social media brings to marketers lies in how to make social media play the most effective role in the fierce online media competition environment. During the epidemic period, BrewDog, a beer brand, produced 500000 bottles of hand sanitizer by using its own distillation equipment and presented them to local communities. Media reports helped the brand gain public reputation, and at the same time, it also guided consumers to search for the brand spontaneously on the Internet. This shows that this strategy is very effective and can be used for reference by other brands.

2021 outlook

Online media is becoming more and more important in the integrated marketing of brands, which can help brands communicate with consumers directly. As an important node between brand and consumer communication, KOL should be included in the long-term marketing strategic planning by the brand in the future, rather than the short-term strategy.

05. The media environment of creative investment becomes the leading role, and the fit between brand and media tonality

Throughout the world, the media environment has never changed so fast. This will undoubtedly affect advertisers’ confidence in their media mix (from 56% in 2019 to 49% in 2020). In response to such a complex and changeable media environment, marketers are “more willing to try new things” (53%). When allocating media budget, brands not only pay attention to the user stickiness and activity of various media platforms, but also pay attention to consumers’ acceptance of advertisements on different media. From a creative point of view, which media to distribute and how to adapt to the environment of different media will become crucial.

2021 outlook

Towards 2021, if brand owners and agents want to further optimize the efficiency of media delivery, on the one hand, they need to choose the media channel most suitable for their tonality; on the other hand, they need to invest more time and energy to find a media environment suitable for creative content. The test of advertising creativity before advertising can help brands purchase the most effective media platform, analyze marketing content in groups, and increase the impact on brand KPI. At the same time, the brand will continue to explore the marketing content of KOL or the way of challenge competition to enhance interaction with consumers.

06. Data analysis everywhere enhances media insight

To adapt to the changes of consumers, brand owners need to re-examine their brand positioning, and combine brand information with social responsibility in the process of transferring brand value and building long-term brand equity. Data analysis can help brands to quickly respond to the above challenges, from advertising information transmission, to creative optimization, and then to media channel selection, so as to guide brand communication in an all-round way; it can also help brands find the best communication strategies that both promote short-term sales and accumulate long-term brand equity. The demand of marketing personnel for analysis and insight is not limited to the optimal allocation of pay media. Marketers need to consider multiple channels such as brand sponsorship, brand cooperation, KOL communication, PR, brand owned channel and so on.

2021 outlook

Brand strategy needs more advanced data analysis tools to guide investment focus. Brand performance will increasingly depend on ROI, blue ocean strategy and innovation. Media and communication experts will forecast demand, combine consumption trends, and plan innovation, product and retail channel strategies in an all-round way.

07. What will the world be like without cookies? Privacy protection and effect measurement can be both

54% of consumers agree with the customized ads pushed by platforms according to their personal preferences, but more people (56%) are worried about privacy leakage; with the gradual awakening of consumer privacy, Google and apple have announced that they will gradually eliminate third-party cookies; 64% of brands are concerned about this, and 48% of marketing personnel are worried about the evaluation of advertising effect.

2021 outlook

The main platforms will continue to provide their own data and solutions, but they will not be able to catch up with the increasingly comprehensive demand of advertising effect measurement. For privacy reasons, alternatives to cookies such as browser fingerprints and plug-ins won’t last long. Kaidu predicts that 2021 will be a year in which digital advertising spending will truly dominate the world. At that time, there will be a new advertising effect measurement solution, which allows advertisers to obtain consumer data without infringing on privacy. The verified probability and analysis model will fill in the market gap.

Media and people

08. Exploring the new business model of mobile paid video (SVOD)

According to the “cross screen new TV generation white paper” released by Kaidu in July this year, the rise of housing economy has spawned more streaming media platforms. Users are willing to pay for all kinds of high-quality content services, and they are willing to pay for their favorite Internet products. The platform interface, content, and function experience will affect consumption decisions. For consumers, with so many platforms on the market, which one should be renewed next month? New and old players thus began a white hot “grab people” war. Sky Netflix in the UK has established a partnership with Disney + O2, where consumers can watch all shows in peace of mind by subscribing to one of the service platforms.

In the third quarter of 2020, sky Netflix and Disney + O2’s member renewals increased by 18%. By the end of 2020, the head video platforms in China’s market will also show a trend of alliance: first, Alibaba’s 6.2 billion shares will become the second largest shareholder of mango super media; the second is the combination of independent broadcast content The super network integration of iqiyi and Tencent video has opened up a brand-new co creation mode in the field of online entertainment (joint investment, joint production, joint independent broadcast and rotation investment promotion); the third is the combination of copyright content Through copyright allocation, distribution, replacement and other forms, the broadcast alliance composed of video websites enriches the platform content and reduces the cost to the maximum extent.

2021 outlook

The platform not only needs excellent content production ability and three-dimensional operation ability, but also needs to understand user consumption demand, customize and even create demand for it, and meet the demand with richer entertainment experience. As the global economy struggles to recover from recession, alliances may become the future trend of streaming media.

09. If you have an ideal brand, you can stop activism and start to take action

63% of global consumers want to buy products or services with environmental awareness. According to the latest brandztm research of Kaidu, the sense of responsibility is the biggest factor affecting corporate reputation (49%); the role of social media in brand action is obvious – 78% of consumers use the content published by other consumers as the information source to understand the real experience / comments of other users on a brand / service. It is very important to practice brand ideal and sustainable development. Master Kong Exchanges food safety control technology with Brazilian orange juice suppliers every one to two years to help promote the development of orange juice and other related products. At present, all orange juice products provided by Brazilian suppliers have passed the Rainforest Alliance certification.

2021 outlook

Kaidu predicts that the important trend of brand activism in 2021 is that the speed of brand from statement to action will be accelerated. Not only for brand owners, but also for media platform owners. Advertisers will pay more attention to the image of the platform in the minds of consumers. Advertisers need to pay attention to whether the brand’s sustainable development plan is consistent with the areas of consumer concern.

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