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Forecast report of science and technology in 2021 From GP Bullhound

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The following is the Forecast report of science and technology in 2021 From GP Bullhound recommended by recordtrend.com. And this article belongs to the classification: Electronic Commerce, research report, social networks.

GP bullhound released the “2021 science and technology forecast report”, which analyzes the trends and innovations in the global technology field. Here are 10 trends that will define technology in 2021:

Education in the 21st century. The pandemic reveals the growing demand for smarter education everywhere and how students, teachers and parents benefit from technology solutions. The market of educational technology is expected to surge by 18% every year, and the global educational technology will make endless progress.

New doctor-patient relationship. Global health care is undergoing a much-needed revolution. Patients continue to move from traditional in person treatment to telemedicine and virtual nursing. Investment in medical systems using telemedicine tools is increasing, and companies that provide easy-to-use platforms for patients and doctors are growing rapidly.

I want e-commerce now. Despite the macroeconomic challenges, e-commerce is still undergoing a paradigm shift, and more and more figures show the convenience of online shopping. It is expected that the demand will continue to grow in the future, as more and more people are used to online shopping for groceries, medicines, consumer necessities, etc.

The next social network. Video games have made great progress. Many platforms mean better connectivity. Talking with friends can be done through games. Just a game console or PC can connect with the world.

Consumers control privacy. As consumers, we have enjoyed personalized experience for a period of time, but many people are concerned about privacy and security, and some even choose to quit the network for personal privacy. Products that provide privacy control will become the difference between technology companies and the new standard for future consumers.

Survival is the primary need. Digital fitness is a new star in the global software ecosystem. When the pandemic broke out, traditional gymnasiums and fitness centers had to go online in order to survive. Although some people may regard it as a temporary business, online fitness will be a permanent change because individuals quickly adapt to family fitness.

Cash is no longer king. Digital wallet and online payment are no longer the mainstream only for technicians. Major players are competing for developed and emerging markets, and more countries will join Sweden as cashless countries.

Future work. Employers are increasingly dependent on collaboration tools, as well as rapidly increasing productivity within the organization. The future of work is bright, with more remote and hybrid models after the pandemic.

Marketing technology goes all out to provide customer experience. Personalized digital customer experience makes the brand stand out in the world, and customer data is the key. With the continuous development of the integration of market demand, customer experience and cloud communication, this is a rapidly changing space.

Epic and apple. App developers have been opposed to apple and its payment model, although Apple has cut its small developer base costs by 50%. As more companies challenge their huge ecosystem leverage, the technology giant will further change its charging model.

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