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Four core technology trends From Series of white papers on automotive electronic revolution

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At present, the century old automobile industry and travel industry are experiencing an unprecedented revolution. On the one hand, the car, as a means of transportation, performs the mobile function from point a to point B, but its safety, traffic efficiency and other problems have not been fully solved; on the other hand, the space and time in the car are almost not utilized, while consumers’ cognition of the car is constantly changing – as the vast majority of future car owners are smartphone users, their demands for car scene will also change It is deeply influenced by the use experience of products in the field of consumer electronics.

Roland Berger has been paying close attention to the whole automobile industry revolution for many years, and has witnessed the changes of technology, value chain and enterprise all the way. At the same time, Roland Berger continued to have in-depth exchanges and cooperation with industry participants, and summed up our independent judgment and Thinking on the reform of the automotive industry. This series of white papers will be published in several phases. As the opening, this paper will focus on the value contribution of the new four modernizations to the industry, the core technology trend of the electronic and electrical revolution, and the technology industry trend under the background of Global trade.

Trend 1: redefining electronic and electrical architecture – “next step” is scale

The development of electronic and electrical architecture (EEA) as a whole will go through three stages: distributed architecture, DCU based centralized architecture and DCU fusion based zonal architecture. No matter Tesla or traditional auto companies, the leader will not be limited to the second stage DCU architecture, because it can only bring short-term cost reduction and functional innovation. To achieve long-term global economy, we must realize the scale of the new architecture platform, starting with software.

Trend 2: Software Revolution — function independence, creating new opportunities for basic software platform

In the face of high value “at a loss”

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) brings new software opportunities

Industrial production of software

Trend 3: computing chips: short term differentiation and long term integration

In the short term, autopilot high performance chip and cockpit master chip will evolve respectively. It is estimated that after 2030, with the gradual maturity of the autopilot technology route, high-performance chips will enter the stage of standardization and large-scale production, which will be further integrated with the cockpit master chip to the central computing chip, so as to further improve the computing efficiency and reduce the cost through integration. However, due to the different safety requirements of autopilot and cockpit, meeting the safety requirements will become the premise of integration.

Trend 4: power semiconductor: raw material diversification brought by power train electrification

Due to the high cost of R & D and manufacturing of new technologies, and the possibility of breakthrough in high-power Si technology, it is expected that the coexistence and competition of Si and SiC solutions will be formed in the future.

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