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Capgemini has released a new report, “working remotely – from remote to hybrid.”. By the third quarter of 2020, due to reduced commuting time, flexible work plans and the use of effective virtual collaboration tools, employee productivity has increased by 63%. It and digital capabilities (68%) led in productivity, followed by customer service (60%) and sales and marketing (59%). The use of technologies such as digitization and artificial intelligence (AI) has helped organizations see productivity gains in these areas. Functions such as production / manufacturing, research and development (R & D) / innovation and supply chain involve more local jobs and a higher proportion of blue collar workers, with the lowest productivity increase (51%).

Overall productivity is expected to increase by 17% in the next two to three years. In addition, 88% of the people have saved on real estate costs due to teleworking in the last three to four months, and 92% hope to still save on these costs in the next two to three years.

Nearly 70% of enterprises believe that the productivity growth of telework is sustainable after the pandemic. However, to a large extent, it depends on the speed of organizational learning and reorientation, taking into account the changes of employees’ way of thinking and building the adaptability of individuals and organizations.

Enterprises and employees hope that telework can remain and turn to hybrid mode

Over the next two to three years, about three in 10 companies expect more than 70% of their employees to work remotely, compared with 10% before covid-19. Nearly half (48%) of companies have reduced their office space by at least 10%. In addition, about 45% of employees expect to work remotely for three days or more a week, indicating the rapid growth trend of mixed and collaborative work.

Building support, connections and trust is key to the transition to a mixed labor future

The hybrid model achieves a balance between “work at home” and “office” models. Capgemini suggests that enterprises take the following measures:

Rethink the procurement model to achieve “delivery on demand.”.

Redefine leadership and encourage autonomy, empathy and transparency.

Reshape the “trusted” work culture through new group rituals.

Install a strong digital infrastructure to accelerate seamless digital work.

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