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Future report of digital assets, distributed ledger technology and capital market From World Economic Forum

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The latest report “digital assets, distributed ledger technology and the future of capital markets” released by the world economic forum focuses on the results of a series of global online seminars and expert interviews with financial services and technology experts in 2020. The report explores the urgent need for digital transformation in capital markets, with a view to providing strategic insights, improving customer service delivery, achieving higher efficiency and achieving new services. In addition to exploring the use of distributed ledger Technology (DLT), which is now available in many institutions, and its role in future capital markets, it also examines the challenges involved in attempting industry wide transformation and provides a framework for different approaches to DLT solutions. Finally, it proposes the use case analysis of seven asset classes / product series, including stock market, securitization products, derivatives and securities financing.

Supported by regulatory and technological developments, market forces are pushing capital market participants to digitize and consider the use of distributed ledger Technology (DLT). Major trends include increasing institutional and regulatory satisfaction with blockchain technology, the potential of central bank digital currencies (cbdcs) in several jurisdictions, and business dynamics such as cost pressures and customer service expectations.

The fundamental challenges DLT is trying to address in the capital market are real and substantial. Inefficiency varies by asset class and jurisdiction, but traditional processes and technology systems result in the complexity, opacity and dispersion of the entire market, which is likely to have a meaningful impact on costs, market liquidity and the company’s balance sheet capacity. Although DLT is not necessarily the best technology choice for each proposed use case, experiments have proved its feasibility in solving major operational inefficiencies and improving balance sheet management.

After years of experimentation, many DLT and smart contract use cases in capital markets have been launched in various jurisdictions. Market participants are launching solutions aimed at improving the existing processes of ecosystems identified in many asset classes and, in some cases, re imagining the value chain as we know it today. However, the grand vision of large-scale disintermediation or comprehensive digital transformation is far from being realized.

While most of the emerging DLT use cases are being developed collaboratively, in most jurisdictions there is no industry wide vision for the future – in part because a lot of competitive incentives and the risk of value migration between market participants may limit the ability to scale up many solutions.

While more digitization is inevitable, a large number of resistances may continue to limit the adoption of DLT solutions, including limited leadership purchases and uncertain business cases, the need for major restructuring of business operations, challenges associated with connecting legacy systems with new solutions, and perceptions of regulatory uncertainty.

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