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According to the latest data of German auto companies, consumers’ attitude towards cars is still very positive. 80% of private new car buyers are happy to see the car. More than 90% of people like to drive and feel restricted when they don’t have a car. 40% go for a ride just for fun. These very positive attitudes towards cars are based on a representative survey of private new car buyers.

People who buy used cars in 2019 hold a similar view, although the percentage is slightly lower. On average, respondents have been driving for at least five years, and about half of them feel happy while driving. Less than one in five people may just drive for entertainment, and nearly 80% like to drive. 84% of respondents said that without cars, movement would be restricted. In addition, Treuhand GmbH also asked people about the current traffic situation, and 80% of car owners complained about traffic congestion.

People are increasingly willing to spend money on low emission cars: when car buyers are asked if they are willing to pay more for cars that use less fuel, 68% of new car buyers (2018:55%) and 58% of used car buyers (2018:48%) are willing. 53% of new car buyers and 39% of used car buyers are willing to spend more money on cars with lower carbon emissions.

The acceptance of car sharing as an alternative to car ownership is still low. Although the number of shared cars is increasing and the media coverage of this topic is also very positive, the acceptance is still very low. In 2015, only 9% of new car buyers were willing to use shared cars as a substitute for their own cars. In 2019, the figure has climbed to 16%. 18% of used car buyers have the same intention.

Take a positive view of assistive systems. Despite the complexity, consumers have a positive attitude towards assistive systems. 90% of new car buyers and 77% of car owners think that the auxiliary system improves the active and passive safety. Almost everyone agrees that assistive systems make driving easier or more enjoyable.

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