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Global air travel inequality report 2021 From Possible

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Possible released the global air travel inequality report. Aviation is a carbon intensive activity, which is relatively difficult to decarbonize. Therefore, demand management is needed to make the emissions of air travel meet the needs of achieving climate goals.

Early studies have shown that 15% of passengers take 70% of flights, that is, 15% of passengers frequently fly. In a typical year, about 50% of Britons don’t fly at all. In addition, most people fly for leisure. According to the international passenger survey, 89% of the British residents who travel abroad in 2018 are for leisure, and this proportion has been increasing over time.

The latest study, based on five cost of living and food surveys and the national tourism survey, shows similar flight concentration among the UK population. Data from 2006 to 2017 show that 20% of the passengers took 75% – 76% of the flights. Although the development of the aviation industry has made the low-income groups more involved in air travel to a certain extent, most of the growth in absolute value comes from the high-income groups.

In addition, the analysis of other data shows that during 2012-2014 to 2015-2017, the proportion of people who do not fly at all does decline, but the proportion of people who fly once a year remains relatively unchanged. In general, the increase in the number of flights is mainly due to the higher frequency of people flying. The proportion of passengers flying more than once a year has increased from about 76% to 80%.

This, in turn, has led to calls for a “frequent flyer levy” or other similar mechanism, which will enable demand management to pay special attention to those who often fly.

Key figures

In the United States, 12% of passengers take 66% of flights.

In France, 2% of the population takes 50% of the flights.

In the UK, 15% of the population takes 70% of the flights.

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