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Upstream released the “2021 global automotive network security report”. By 2023, connected vehicles are expected to account for 1 / 4 of all passenger cars in the world. By 2025, connected vehicles will account for nearly 86% of the global automotive market. They will be much more complex than GM’s first “Networked vehicle” model, which only had an emergency call system, launched in 1996. Networked vehicles have added more computerized systems, and vehicles will continue to develop personalized advanced technology features. Although connected components and systems are essential for enhancing vehicle functions, promoting AV and providing better user experience, they also introduce other vulnerabilities and pointcuts that hackers can take advantage of.

According to a report released by consumer watchdog in 2019, the top 10 automobile brands sold in the United States account for 95% of all automobile sales, and every company sells connected vehicles, including Toyota, general motors and Ford. Some brands, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Tesla, have made connectivity the standard for new cars, while other OEMs are rapidly moving in the same direction. By 2022, Fiat Chrysler will provide connectivity for all its vehicles. By 20226, 90% of Renault Nissan Mitsubishi vehicles will be connected to the Internet.

With the increasing number of connected vehicles and v2x technology, the number of vulnerabilities has also increased, which can be exploited by hackers. Traditional forms of network threats such as extortion software, as well as more threats against telematics services, vehicle parts and vehicles themselves, have led to an increase in the number of network attacks against the automotive industry recently.

Cybercrime is more profitable than the global illicit drug trade, including car related cybercrime, which amounts to $600 billion a year. And as the automotive industry becomes more and more connected with more data and vulnerable software based components, its profitability, possibility and subsequent risks of automotive cyber attacks will become more serious.

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