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Deloitte’s latest report “global banking and capital market outlook in 2021: enhancing resilience and accelerating transformation” summarizes the industry’s experience from the epidemic. Based on the analysis results of Deloitte’s survey and interview with 200 banking and capital market industry executives around the world, Deloitte provides more industry experts’ insights. The research focuses on digital customer interaction, talent, and innovation Operation, technology, finance, risk, network risk, sustainable finance, M & A and other industries focus on the issue. Finally, the report also focuses on the specific work that each functional department of the bank needs to pay attention to in 2021 and subsequent years.

The main points are as follows

In order to cope with the potential new challenges in the short term, banks need to improve the management resilience of capital, technology and talents. In the long run, banks should speed up and expand the transformation of the whole enterprise.

Banks can normalize some effective practices implemented during COVID-19. For example, improve operational agility, from hierarchical to flat, accelerate decision-making, empower employees, implement flexible office and employment, etc. How to effectively internalize and promote such valuable experience will determine the future success or failure.

The epidemic not only accelerates the application of digitalization, but also is the touchstone of bank digitalization infrastructure. The institutions that make strategic investment in technology are stronger, but the backward institutions may still be able to achieve leapfrog development if they take quick action to speed up technological modernization. On the whole, digital inertia has subsided, and more and more banks are pursuing technology driven transformation, especially the transformation of core systems.

In order to fully realize the digitalization of the front desk, banks can improve customer participation by deploying the best combination of digital and human interaction, intelligent use of data, novel partnership and convincing service delivery mode.

Looking forward to 2021, the current economic situation may force banks to make a difficult choice in optimizing the talent model. But at the same time, in view of the epidemic situation will still make employees face a lot of pressure, banks should continue to focus on improving the happiness and productivity of employees.

Some banks are expected to grow into the world’s leading goal driven organizations. Considering the unique and important role of banks in the global economy, banks should focus on adjusting capital structure, improving risk management framework, enhancing transparency, and improving data and reporting standards, so as to lead social change and reduce climate risk.

Although COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all aspects of the banking sector, it will face greater challenges in the future. How will your organization cope with the uncertain future in the next few years?

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