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The poll conducted online from December 23, 2020 to January 8, 2021 shows that people in South Africa (58%), India (57%) and the United States (57%) are most likely to feel that their country is divided by “cultural war”. Germany (19%), Russia (18%) and Japan (9%) are the least likely to feel divided.

When it comes to various types of tensions, an average of 74% of countries around the world say that there is at least a considerable degree of tension between the rich and the poor, followed by politics (69%), social strata (67%), immigrants (66%) and different values (65%). Different countries have different models:

Among the ethnic tensions, the United States (83%) ranked first and South Africa (79%) ranked second. China (31%) and Japan (26%) ranked last.

In terms of tensions between freer social concepts and more traditional values, South Korea (87%), Chile (86%) and the United States (85%) ranked first, while China (38%) and Japan (34%) ranked last.

The tension between metropolitan elites and ordinary working people is the most tense in Chile (84%) and Russia (82%), and the most relaxed in Japan (39%) and China (37%).

The tension between men and women is the highest in South Korea (80%), followed by South Africa, Mexico and Brazil, about 7 / 10.

Tensions between people with and without university education were most severe in South Korea (70%), Peru (66%), Russia (30%) and the Netherlands (27%).

Tensions between immigrants and their nationals were most severe in South Africa (89%), Belgium (81%), Japan (35%) and China (35%).

Tensions between the rich and the poor are most severe in Chile (91%) and South Korea (91%). Japan (54%) and Saudi Arabia (50%) were the most moderate.

Tensions between different social strata are most serious in Chile (88%) and South Korea (87%), and most moderate in China (43%) and Saudi Arabia (41%).

Tensions between the elderly and young people are most severe in South Korea (80%) and India (61%), and most moderate in France (31%) and Sweden (29%).

The tension between the interior and exterior of cities is most serious in Peru (66%) and India (61%), and relatively mild in the Netherlands, Spain (29%) and Germany (25%).

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