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Deloitte surveyed the views of more than 275000 millennials and Z generations before and after the start of the cowid-19 pandemic to understand their views on business, government, climate and pandemic issues.

The survey shows that despite the personal challenges and anxieties faced by both millennials and generations Z, they are still focused on larger social problems before and after the outbreak of the pandemic. This pandemic, if any, makes them more eager to help drive positive change in their communities and around the world. They continue to promote a world in which businesses and governments should fulfill their commitments to society, keep people ahead of profits, and give priority to environmental sustainability.

The main findings are as follows

The picture from this year’s survey is complex, but promising.

In the initial survey, nearly half of generation Z (48%) and 44% of millennials felt stressed all or most of the time. However, in the follow-up survey, the anxiety level of both generations dropped by 8 points, indicating that the epidemic may cause a glimmer of hope.

Half of the respondents in the preliminary survey said it was too late to make up for the damage caused by climate change. But in the latter part of the survey, the number dropped. This suggests that pandemics affect people’s perception of the environment and that people are more likely to think that there is time to act and protect the planet.

The pandemic has brought a stronger sense of personal responsibility. Nearly three-quarters of respondents said the epidemic has made them more sympathetic to the needs of others and that they intend to take action to help their communities.

Both generations have said that after the pandemic, they will make special efforts to patronize and support businesses more actively, especially smaller local sellers. However, they will not hesitate to punish companies whose established and practical values conflict with themselves.

Most of the interviewees highly rated the response of enterprises and the government to the pandemic. However, the actions taken during the crisis did not translate into a positive view of business.

Many people are financially prudent and literate. More than half of millennials and nearly half of generation Z are saving.

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