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Global service trade barometer in March 2021 From World Trade Organization

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Recently, the latest issue of “barometer of service trade” released by the WTO shows that the global service trade climate index rose to 104.7, higher than the benchmark value of 100, the highest since 2000.

According to the data, after bottoming out in the second quarter of 2020 and rebounding slightly in the third quarter, the global trade in services finally accelerated to rebound in the fourth quarter. However, as the epidemic continues to affect the employment situation of major economies, and the spread of the new coronavirus variant may cause new obstacles, the WTO predicts that this rebound trend of Global trade in services may not continue in the first quarter of this year.

The world trade organization service trade barometer and the goods trade barometer coordinate, the global service trade prosperity index is 100, the index is greater than 100 shows that the trade growth is higher than the expected level, otherwise it shows that the trade growth is lower than this level.

The composition index of the barometer is mixed. The financial services index (119.9) was particularly strong as international financial transactions increased. Container shipping (104.3), construction (106.3) and global services PMI (105.3) were also higher than the trend. Passenger air transport (81.0) remained depressed due to travel restrictions. The ICT index (93.7) fell due to the weakness of some computer services, while telecommunications services remained stable. International passenger flights are likely to recover partially in the second and third quarters, but this is largely dependent on successful vaccination efforts. If the new variant of covid-19 spreads more widely, the long-term recovery may be affected.

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