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Global sustainable development goals investment trend monitoring in May 2021 From United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

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Because of covid – 19 as a result of the pandemic, international private sector investment to developing and transition economies in sectors related to the sustainable development goals (SDG) fell by a third in 2020. The total value of green space investment newly announced by relevant departments decreased by 33 % International project financing (for large infrastructure projects that require multiple investors) was reduced by 36 %。

At present, the green space investment of developing and transition economies in the area of sustainable development goals has decreased by nearly 20% compared with 2015 (the year of adopting sustainable development goals), and the international project financing has decreased by more than 30%. Progress in promoting and driving SDG investment is at risk.

Data for 2020 show that investment activities in all SDG sectors have declined significantly, except that new projects in the renewable energy sector continue to grow (but the growth rate has been reduced to less than a fifth of that before the epidemic). In the infrastructure and infrastructure industries (including utilities and Telecommunications), the value of international project financing fell by 60%. The value of green space projects in the fields of food and agriculture, water and sanitation, health and education is 1 / 3 to 2 / 3 lower than that in 2019 (see the table below).

The decline of investment related to sustainable development goals in developing countries and economies in transition is much larger than that in developed countries. The growth of the latter’s investment in renewable energy and digital infrastructure is a preliminary sign of the asymmetric impact of the public support package of developed countries on the investment trend of global sustainable development goals.

In developing and transition economies, the impact of pandemics is more pronounced in poorer regions. Investment related to sustainable development goals in Africa fell by 39 % In Latin America and the Caribbean, it fell by 40 % In Asia, it’s down 23 % The transition economies fell by 28 %。 However, in contrast to the sharp decline in other regions, international project financing in developing countries in Asia has declined by only 13 %。

The decline in SDG investment in the least developed countries is particularly worrying. The number of green space projects announced by the least developed countries in the SDG sector decreased by 31 % The number of project financing transactions decreased by 23 %。

The investment prospects of sustainable development goals are highly uncertain: future development will depend on the duration of the health crisis and the effectiveness of policy interventions to mitigate its economic impact. Policies and measures to promote investment in sustainable development goals, as well as development cooperation and financing support for developing countries, are very important for determining the trajectory of investment in sustainable development goals.

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