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Global women leaders report 2020 From kpmg

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KPMG released the “global women leaders report 2020”. Women business leaders around the world saw some hope in the cowid-19 crisis, an epidemic that increased labor inclusion, had a positive impact on the world, and embraced digitization as never before. Global research shows that while four out of 10 respondents believe that growth in diversity and inclusiveness will not slow down, 92% believe it is far from the goal of a truly diversified board and management team.

Have a positive impact

Gender inequality and climate change are two of the most important issues that women leaders consider

42% of respondents said that sustainability activities to reduce climate change will be more important for strategic decisions after covid-19.

58% were concerned about the impact of the crisis on sustainability and climate change; 48% said their response to the pandemic had shifted their focus to the “s” in the ESG.

Forty two percent said their company’s recent efforts to combat discrimination and racism were very strong.

Embrace subversion

During the pandemic, the majority (80%) of female leaders have seen the digital transformation of their businesses accelerating. The biggest advance is in the digital transformation of operations (30%), which puts them several years ahead of schedule. However, 92% of respondents agree that their companies have room to improve their innovation process and execution.

Despite many difficulties, the outlook is optimistic

More than half (58%) of the respondents are optimistic or very optimistic about their company’s growth prospects in the next three years. However, women leaders are less optimistic about the global economy, with 46% expecting negative growth and 29% confident or very confident in growth.

The changing definition of the working world

From the perspective of women leaders, the most important change in this crisis is the increasing use of digital communication and collaboration tools. In fact, more than 97% of respondents want to contribute to this digital development. In addition, 58% of female managers believe that their personal communication with employees has improved during the crisis.

Half of the respondents believe that the talent pool has expanded because telecommuting can provide flexibility. 62% of the world’s women leaders agree that telecommuting has led to significant changes in their companies’ policies.

When asked which individuals they thought they needed to overcome the crisis, the top three women leaders listed were:

Visionary and innovative (44%),

Showed great flexibility and agility (43%),

Become a team player (42%).

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