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With the continuous improvement of the new generation network information technology system, online office, online learning, online shopping and telemedicine can be realized at home. New technology makes life more enjoyable and also brings us closer to home. After the outbreak, the relationship between home and US has become closer, and the function of home has quietly changed. After a period of time at home, what new needs do people have for the function of home? Is the present state of home life a good life in people’s mind?

A survey, insight into the pain points of new middle class people’s home life

Since entering the Internet age, the new middle class represented by the post-80s and 90s has gradually become the mainstay of social development. They play an important role in both family and workplace. Therefore, through the study of the new middle-class people’s home life status, it is helpful to understand people’s pursuit of a better life. 36 krypton Research Institute, together with tmall and public review, conducted a survey in 31 provinces and cities across the country. Through tens of thousands of answers, it has deeply understood the home life status and daily activities of the new middle class, explored their use and satisfaction with different family spaces, and found out the problems encountered by the new middle class people in their home life and the obstacles encountered in the process of pursuing a better life.

A group of observation, explore the ideal home life in mind

With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, people’s material life is more and more abundant. When enjoying the convenience brought by material, the experience of good life is affected by the lack of storage space at home. The new middle class think that the ideal home life should have sufficient storage space, intelligent electrical equipment and reasonable regional planning. While realizing the basic functions of living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and balcony, how to further improve the use efficiency of each space and reasonably divide the areas has become the new needs of the new middle class in pursuit of ideal home life.

Some suggestions to achieve the goal of a better life

The trend of home decoration is constantly changing, but people’s pursuit of quality of life and yearning for a better life remain unchanged. Through planning space, reasonable layout, polishing details, we can make full use of the surplus space; green, beautiful and practical design scheme can improve the quality of life and highlight the aesthetic taste of the host; intelligent home furnishing, high-tech materials and humanized design can make people fully realize the beautiful life brought by science and technology. Green book for a better life studies the needs of new middle-class people for home life, puts forward suggestions for a better life, and helps people create a better life of their own.

For this reason, 36 krypton Research Institute and living home decoration are based on the home life needs of new middle-class people, combined with the latest home trend, from five dimensions of living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and balcony, to investigate the home experience of new middle-class people, explore the pain points and needs of new middle-class people, and put forward targeted solutions to help new middle-class people The pursuit of a better life.  

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