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High end instant tea leader, build Chinese version of “Starbucks” From Naixue’s tea depth report

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Current tea making track: large scale, fast growth, benchmarking against the broad industrial space of American cafes

The current tea industry is the fastest growing market in China, with a CAGR of 21.9% in 2015-2020 and an increase of 7% to 113.6 billion yuan in 2020. The industry chain rate of 59% is not low, but due to the low access threshold, the leading concentration is low. Compared with the top 3 of the American Cafe track, 78%, the domestic high-end ready-made tea has initially presented an oligopoly pattern. By 2020q3, the chain rate of high-end ready-made tea shops is about 75%, and CR3’s share is about 48% in terms of revenue. The middle and low end franchises, the high-end direct marketing, and the consumption upgrading boost the brand of high-end ready-made tea.

Naixue’s tea: a high-end tea leader, focusing on the rapid expansion of products and “space”

Naeki no Cha: the two sides of the front and the front end of the tea ceremony, the two sides of the tea ceremony, the Yong Lin, and the peasant spirit, the fusion of the order and the social scene, and the Chinese version “the star”. In November 2015, the Shenzhen operating club, 2021.2.5 shops number 507 507 houses, 30% of the meeting number, 30% in the country, and 18% of the country share rate in the country, and the secondhand name (25%). In 2019, 25 yuan / 30% of the total of the total number of the yuan, the amount of interest is 1.174 million yuan; and 2020, the amount of profit in the previous half of the year 2020 is 21%.

Company characteristic Competitiveness: product and “space” both, supply chain & Digital support

The company’s core positioning: one is product, the other is “space”. The product positioning is high-end, and the combination of tea and soft European bag is the first. It pursues the perfection of raw materials, taste and appearance packaging design, and strengthens quality control and product core competitiveness through deep integration of supply chain. The “space” level focuses on social rigid demand, and creates the third space through store design “chain does not copy” and brand system construction. At the same time, the company continues to strengthen the digital operation, improve brand awareness and operational efficiency.

Growth analysis: model optimization will accelerate the expansion of stores, with 1500 stores in 3-5 years

Future growth highlights: first, store chain expansion; second, new retail layout under brand potential tapping; third, supply chain integration. In the past, the company mainly used the large store model. The profit margin of mature stores in 19 years was 25%, and the payback period of single store investment was 10-15 months. In 20 years, the company launched new pro stores (adding products, reducing area and investment) to improve the operation efficiency. Focusing on the first tier and quasi first tier cities, the company plans to open 300 / 350 new stores (70% of which are pro stores) in 21-22 years, and no less than 22 years in 23 years. We initially estimated that the company’s store size in the next 3-5 years is expected to be nearly 1500. We need to track the optimization and verification of the company’s new store model and the cooperation of capital and other factors. The new retail layout is in full swing.

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