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Hong Kong Smart City blueprint 2.0

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In 2017, the SAR government released the blueprint for a smart city in Hong Kong, proposing 76 measures under the six categories of smart travel, smart life, smart environment, smart citizens, smart government and smart economy, in which more than 40 of them have been completed or completed in stages.

The measures proposed in the blueprint for a smart city in Hong Kong 2.0 include the measures that are still in implementation or ongoing, as well as more than 60 new measures, such as the establishment of a smart transportation fund to promote the research and application of innovative technology related to vehicles; the research on the use of remote medical, video and remote diagnosis and treatment in Hong Kong; the launch of a “smart toilet” pilot scheme and Research on the application of technology in public toilets; and the “streamlining of administration” Under the “government services” plan, the reform involves the application and approval of government services.

Xue Yongheng, Secretary for innovation and technology of the SAR government, said that Chuangke can not only promote the economy, but also improve people’s livelihood. The implementation of smart city can facilitate and benefit the people, make full use of innovative scientific research achievements and push Hong Kong forward. In the past three years, all policy bureaux, departments and relevant agencies of the SAR government have been committed to promoting these measures.

“The new coronavirus will ravage the world in 2020, changing a lot of life and business models.” Xue Yongheng said that the anti epidemic work in the past 11 months has brought a lot of inspiration to the SAR Government in promoting the development of innovative science and technology, including changing the usual service mode with innovative thinking and making more extensive use of science and technology to cope with the new normal.

He said that the SAR government is committed to integrating the reduction of human contact under the new normal of anti epidemic into the daily work of the SAR government. A new chapter on “making good use of innovative technology to deal with epidemic situation” has been added to the blueprint of Hong Kong Smart City 2.0, which includes the implementation of “ju’an anti epidemic” home quarantine system; the launch of “safe travel” infection risk notification and application software; and the promotion of “safe travel” in public markets Wide use of non-contact payment.

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