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To measure the value of a lamp is not to see how gorgeous it is, but to see how much space it can illuminate and how much light it brings to people. Just as the same measure of an HR’s excellence or not, it’s not just whether he is professional, but how much support he can bring to the business growth of the enterprise. Whether you can ignite yourself and light the way for others is the key to a good HR to play its value. It is the only way for HR to succeed in the workplace.

We assume that HR is compared to a lamp. The light emitted by the same shape of “lamp” is quite different. The influencing factors are affected by its own conditions and external environment. How to manage these factors well, so that the lamp can emit the maximum light and heat, has become a thinking problem for managers.

As the promoter of China’s human resource function transformation, Hezhi Zhongcheng, with the mission of spreading HR value, joined hands with HRoot platform in 2020 to bring “report on hrbp practice and development trend of Chinese enterprises 2020-2022” for Chinese enterprise managers.

In this survey, nearly 400 employees from different industries, different scales, different nature of enterprises, different competitive situations and different ranks participated in the survey. We hope to take this report to give you some “solutions”. Through this survey, we found that:

More and more enterprises choose to promote the transformation of human resource sharing service mode, which has a positive effect on promoting human resource support strategy and business.

Transformation is the means, hrbp’s business support is the purpose! There are more and more enterprises in transformation, but the system construction of hrbp is still relatively primary, and it is still a long way to go to realize the goal of strategic partner!

The transformation steps should be well planned. The order of the establishment of the three pillar organizations has a great impact on the transformation efficiency. The establishment of hrbp team is later than that of SSC or both, which is more conducive to the realization of hrbp’s strategic partner role.

This report also provides readers with market data of HR Transformation for various analysis and research.

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