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Impact of visual and social content on online sales From Baseline

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Bazaarvoice has released a new report, “the impact of visual and social content on online sales.”. When consumers consider buying products, they will find that reviews are a useful resource. As more and more shoppers publish their own photos and video reviews, brands may benefit from them. The survey found that 62% of shoppers are more likely to buy the product if they can see customers’ photos and videos.

The report also shows that 78% of global shoppers believe in online product reviews, with 39% of respondents relying most on online shopping reviews to make informed purchase decisions faster.

Nearly two-thirds of shoppers said they were more likely to buy new products online if they could see the video content of their former customers. About 21% of consumers think that they like to see the actual effect of the product before buying, while others think that they believe more in the accuracy of consumer reviews (17%), think it is easier to see the quality of the product (17%), or the size and color of the product (11%).

Men and women watch user generated video content (UGC) for different reasons. The primary reason for male respondents is that they want to see the actual effect of the product. Women prefer video because it may highlight something that is not obvious.

Since generation Z is usually the person who created UGC, they are also more likely to find UGC important. The data shows that the importance of UGC decreases with the age of shoppers.

In addition, shoppers prefer brands to use real customer photos in social media Posts rather than professional product photos. Not only that, they want to see it more often. Six out of 10 respondents said they would like to see a new UGC on a brand’s social media at least once a week.

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