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1. From the industry point of view, the mobile game industry is a typical competition with a high prosperity. The overall scale of domestic + overseas is 233.5 billion, which is the first competition of the entertainment industry. The domestic growth rate in the first three quarters of 2020 is as high as 37%. The number of players and the amount of payment support the long-term growth logic of the industry. On the user side: the epidemic situation accelerates, the penetration rate of online entertainment increases, and online entertainment substitutes for offline entertainment. In the long run, because mobile games, especially medium and heavy mobile games, have obvious operation threshold, showing a very obvious intergenerational penetration gap. The post-85 generation is the core group, and with the intergenerational migration of population, potential core users are infiltrating The transmission rate will continue to increase. Moreover, the interactivity and addiction of games are irreplaceable by other forms of entertainment, and the long-term demand is strong. Payment perspective: the payment rate of mobile games ranks first among all online payment tracks. Its commercial mode is flexible and highly efficient. IAA + IAP mode maximizes the commercial value of various products. In terms of market structure, the market share of head Tencent Netease rose rapidly 18 years ago, and began to maintain a relatively stable level after reaching a high level in 18 years. The tightening of policies combined with the upward cost accelerated the elimination of tail manufacturers, while the market share of the second-line leader represented by Sanqi increased in recent years.

2. From the perspective of category segmentation, the R & D and IP threshold of heavy category with RPG as the core is high, and large factories have built core barriers. New products such as strategy, placement, women’s direction and two dimensions have the opportunity to overtake on the curve.

3. R & D: the core of the game is driven by creativity and industrialization, with a high degree of industrialization. The multi-dimensional intervention of data ensures the success probability. Under the wave of high-quality products, the overall R & D investment and cycle show an obvious upward trend, and the advantages of large factories gradually increase. On the other hand, leading companies such as Tencent, Netease, Sanqi mutual entertainment and perfect world expand their teams by means of foreign investment and recruiting teams to open up new category battlefields.

4. Distribution and channel side: the buying volume model breaks the channel monopoly. In 2019, the buying volume market accounts for 56% of the mobile game market. The high growth of buying volume overlaps with the trend of high-quality games. The bargaining power of head products for the channel is improved, and the 50% high share of Android channel is gradually shaken. At the same time, the rapid rise of video materials, in 2019 has become the largest category of materials than pictures, its good immersion and creative depth makes the space for purchasing optimization increase.

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