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The industry has a vast space and a strong market demand, which provides a broad development space for domestic industrial software enterprises. Industrial software can be roughly divided into five categories: design and development, information management, production control management, industrial embedded software and industrial integration platform. In 2019, the scale of domestic market will be about 200 billion yuan, and the growth rate will maintain about 16% in the next few years, which will be more than three times of the growth rate of global market. The penetration rate of industrial software in China is relatively low. The penetration rate of cam, MES and CRM is only about 20%, while that of PLM is less than 20%. With the development of domestic industry, the permeability is expected to be further improved. The broad industry space gives the domestic industrial software enterprises a broad development stage.

The superposition of the three factors has ushered in a new development period for the domestic industrial software industry. First of all, industrial upgrading releases the demand for informatization and intelligence. Secondly, the favorable policies continue to stimulate the accelerated development of the industry. China has put forward the major policy of “made in China 2025”, and many departments have promulgated policies for the development of intelligent manufacturing. In addition, the technology blockade intensifies, accelerating the process of domestic substitution. In addition to Huawei’s restrictions, the basic mathematics software MATLAB will be banned in June 2020. Technology blockade is expected to accelerate the progress of domestic industrial software substitution.

We should look for investment opportunities along the two main lines of “domestic substitution” and “technology evolution”. Domestic industrial software enterprises are gradually mature, and some products can meet the needs of low-end and medium-sized enterprises. In 2018, the industrial software market scale of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises will reach 80.4 billion yuan, which provides broad development space for domestic substitution. The rise of industrial Internet platform, cloud original platform and other new tracks. Under the new situation, domestic industrial software enterprises can take advantage of local advantages to seize new opportunities.

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