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Innovation and recruitment trends in Asia Pacific Region From Blockchain talent development

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Anyone who has a little knowledge of banking, investment and financial services must have heard of the rise of blockchain technology. Although the emergence of bitcoin has brought blockchain technology into the public eye, now blockchain technology has developed into a mature system, so that non-financial enterprises are also actively exploring various commercial applications of blockchain technology.

In addition, the relevant figures also show the strong development momentum of blockchain. It is estimated that by 2025, the global blockchain market will reach US $39.7 billion, 13 times more than that of US $3 billion in 2020. By 2024, the scale of blockchain related industries in the Asia Pacific region alone will reach US $16 billion. Although the United States is currently in a leading position in the application and implementation of blockchain, China is expected to become a global leader in blockchain by the end of 2023. Jobs are catching up, with cryptocurrency and blockchain related work up 26% since 2018.  

Despite the strong demand for blockchain talents, enterprises still face some challenges in recruitment. We surveyed 503 managers, executives and professionals in the Asia Pacific region on issues related to blockchain recruitment. 42% of the respondents said that there was still a skill gap between candidates, and 29% thought that there was a shortage of qualified blockchain talents. So, how should enterprises deal with the recruitment problem? If your enterprise wants to integrate the blockchain into the workflow, how to attract high-quality talents to help you implement the blockchain strategy? How do you keep these talents

This is the background and original intention of our report blockchain talent development: innovation and recruitment trends in the Asia Pacific region. As one of the series of science and technology ABC (artificial intelligence, blockchain and network security), the report not only focuses on the innovation trend of blockchain technology in the future, but also presents the trend of talent recruitment and development in the field of blockchain. To this end, we interviewed the technical executives of KPMG, Fusang group, Shanghai dianrong information technology company, etc., and referred to the suggestions and opinions of Michael page, a technical recruitment consultant, to present a comprehensive, objective and insightful industry analysis for all walks of life.  

Highlights of the report:

Development trend of blockchain in 2020 and in the future

Popular recruitment trends in blockchain

Insights of blockchain experts

Suggestions on attracting and retaining blockchain talents

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