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The report points out that the world pattern of scientific and technological innovation is showing a trend of multi polarization, and the growth rate of science and technology in developing countries exceeds that in developed countries. Asia, especially East Asia, is becoming one of the most innovative regions in the world. China, Japan and South Korea, the three largest economies in East Asia, have issued extremely detailed innovation and development strategies. China’s international competitiveness and global status are rising rapidly, and China is the only country in the top 30 of the global innovation index among middle-income economies. Southeast Asia continues to increase investment in innovation, Singapore continues to maintain its leading position, while Thailand and Malaysia are catching up. In South Asia, India’s innovation performance is far ahead, thanks to increased government investment. In Central Asia, Kazakhstan is the country with the strongest comprehensive scientific and technological strength among the five Central Asian countries. In order to change the vulnerability of economic development highly dependent on oil and gas resources, the Gulf States have made every effort to create a new economic development model in recent years, and pay more attention to innovation.

From the four dimensions of leading the future, production development, happy life and improving the environment, the report puts forward for the first time nine technologies with the most potential and application prospects in Asia, namely artificial intelligence, 5g, industrial robots, intelligent industrial chain, mobile payment technology, new retail technology, biomedical technology, digital energy technology and environmental governance technology. What is particularly striking is that artificial intelligence has penetrated into all walks of life in Asia, and China, South Korea, Japan, India and Singapore have become artificial intelligence innovation highlands. In terms of 5g, China and South Korea are leading Asia, which will bring disruptive changes to transportation, energy, manufacturing, education, health care, consumption, leisure and entertainment industries. Mobile payment technology is accelerating the efficiency of Asian economy. China and India are leading the way, and Asian countries are developing rapidly.

The report points out that global innovation clusters and innovation cities (300778, Guba) are characterized by agglomeration, with East Asia developing most rapidly, and the number of clusters in China has increased from 7 to 18 within a year. Asian cities are competing to become centers of innovation. More and more digital champions, unicorn companies and large scientific research institutions have created “Silicon Valley” one after another in Asia. Moreover, the Asia Pacific region has become the world’s largest market for cultural and creative industries, accounting for 33% of the total output value of global creative industries and 43% of global creative industry employment.

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