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“2020 innovation trend of plant protein beverage” shows that the market of plant protein beverage will develop rapidly in 2020, and the growth rate of sales will far exceed that of other beverage categories. However, the rapid development has also accelerated the market competition. In 2020, the price of vegetable protein drinks market will be more concentrated, with the price range of 17-60 yuan as the main battlefield. Among them, the main price segments of different plant-based drinks were stratified. The price of oat based protein drinks was high, with a median of 52-79 yuan, while the price of bean based protein drinks was low, with a median of 29-43 yuan.

In addition, from the perspective of different city lines, tier 1-2 cities accept higher price band, prefer oatmeal based and nut based, pay more attention to health, pay more attention to oral care, and drink is more natural; while tier 3-6 cities have lower price acceptance, consumers prefer more traditional bean based drinks, and carbonated drinks are among the top three favorite drinks.

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