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Insight into global trends in 2020 From Ipsos

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2020 is a year of great significance in the course of human history. The outbreak of COVID-19 greatly accelerated the historical process of the changing world which had already been deeply developed. With the continuous spread of the epidemic, the world economy is suffering from an all-round impact, and mankind is facing unprecedented challenges. How to understand the changes and grasp the development trend, and how to correctly and efficiently deal with the ensuing crises and difficulties, have been the focus of our close attention and efforts. Ipsos, with its research experience in global trend insight, has carried out global tracking research every three years since 2014, and released Ipsos global trend insight.

Ipsos global trend insight 2020 covers 33 representative international markets, involving more than 370 issues. Through multidimensional analysis of this huge data set, we summarize 12 trends and 36 values. The report shows that people’s values are no longer unified and are becoming more and more fragmented. For example, in brand building, some people tend to trust their well-known brands, but many people think that branding is an excuse to make money. The changes in values and trends show that we are living in a complex world. This report will focus on this and have a deep insight into the complexity of the world.

In this report, we conducted an unprecedented in-depth analysis of the data and highlighted changes in world values and trends. Whether you are concerned with brand building, climate change, consumer change or social issues, you can find insights that interest you in this report.

Through multidimensional analysis of this huge data set, we summarize 12 trends and 36 values that will dominate the world in the 1920s.

An extraordinary moment to fight climate change

A world divided by values

Health care choices

Response to uncertainty and inequality

The turning point of capitalism

The peak of Globalization

Data dilemma

Health, we are serious

Truth is king

The pursuit of simplicity and meaning

Technology dimension: Technology mania and technology phobia

The eternal charm of nostalgia

This report summarizes the macro forces that run through the long-term transformation of all markets and societies: dynamic changing population, increasing inequality and opportunities for growth, geopolitical tensions, fragile earth, technological turning point and data world; analyzes and identifies the 36 most determined values of global citizens. This result is helpful for us to understand the global citizens’ attitude towards brand, advertising, Internet, Internet and Internet The attitude of social policy and technology is of profound significance. At the same time, it can also enable us to have a detached determination in the complex changes of the world situation.

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