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Insight into the content strategy of fashion live broadcast From Great new generation

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In 2020, the live broadcasting field will develop rapidly and prosper continuously, attracting more talent anchors, brands and businesses to Taobao live broadcasting. By virtue of the personal charm and shopping guide attribute of the anchor, the live broadcast makes the display of commodity information and selling points more intuitive, and the communication with consumers more three-dimensional and real-time. The clothing industry benefits from its own visual gene and talent attribute, which is particularly eye-catching in the live broadcast scene. Live broadcast has an important impact on the operation of clothing industry business crowd, goods operation and content operation. Ali mother, together with Taobao live broadcast and tmall fashion, released m insight, the great new generation: insight into the content strategy of fashion live broadcast, proposing a super live broadcast power model to help clothing businesses improve the content strategy and operation efficiency of live broadcast.

Super live broadcasting power is composed of nine dimensions: goods power, price power, human power, anchor power, interaction power, user power, notice power, communication power and advertising power.

The “people” in the live broadcasting room is undoubtedly one of the important elements of live broadcasting. Many brands and businesses invite stars, KOL, President and other diverse roles to help the live broadcasting room, create “human design” and unique style for the live broadcasting room, provide drainage for the live broadcasting room, and bring consumers continuous fresh experience through different playing methods. At the same time, the report suggests that for the anchor who has signed a contract with a brand or a business, systematic training should be carried out on their ability to master the goods, and the ability to improve their voice speed, voice expression, field control and interaction with the audience. In terms of organizing the “goods” of the live broadcasting room, the goods strength reflects the health of the goods structure of the live broadcasting room, and the price gradient and discount strength are also important manifestations of the price strength.

In the construction of the “field” of the live broadcasting room, the interactive force is reflected in the comprehensive performance of the number of viewers, the length of stay, interaction, praise, sharing, attention and comments, which reflects the quality of the live broadcasting content. Creating characteristic live room and operating live room small programs are effective ways to enhance interaction. Insight found that the conversion rate and interaction rate of new customers in the live broadcasting room are 3 to 4 times higher than that of the whole store. Therefore, the layered operation is aimed at different customer groups, such as the operation of “new bonus” exclusive to new customers in the live broadcasting room, and the exclusive rights and interests of members, so as to improve the user power of the live broadcasting room. In addition, launch live broadcast notice before each live broadcast to reach consumers in advance and promote live broadcast appointment. Cut the live broadcast into several “live spots”, increase the exposure of personalized recommendation in Taobao live broadcast, increase the amount of voice outside the station, and improve the communication power of the live broadcast room. In the promotion of advertising power, the “super live” promotion products are used to guide the live broadcasting room. At the same time, it can also effectively help businesses improve their refined operation ability in the aspects of promoting innovation, interaction, member precipitation and old customer awakening. During the “double 11” period, a clothing brand made use of the flexible drainage ability of “super live” in different periods and the ability of personalized crowd touch, and the viewing volume in the live room increased by more than 200% year on year.

Due to its advantages of content, interactivity and rhythm, live broadcasting breaks through the traditional way of e-commerce marketing, reconstructs the relationship among people, goods and markets, and creates a unique differentiated commercial value. For large clothing industry businesses, live broadcasting is particularly prominent in the ability to pull new products, precipitate members, assist the growth of new products, plant grass for special goods, and enhance the ability of instant transaction. Clothing industry businesses should seize the opportunity to innovate the operation mode through live broadcast, and bring new growth points for stores.

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