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1. A clear e-learning strategy is the premise for enterprises to successfully implement e-learning.

Enterprise e-learning should be closely related to the company’s e-learning strategy, that is, the so-called strategy and performance. Whether an enterprise has a clear e-learning strategy determines its cognition, orientation and investment in e-learning. E-learning strategy is the premise of successful implementation of e-learning.

Having a clear company wide e-learning strategy has a long way to go. Only 21% of the participating enterprises have a clear e-learning strategy at the whole company level; 56% of the participating enterprises are in the state of crossing the river by feeling the stone, although they have e-learning strategy, it is not clear enough; 23% of the participating enterprises still have no e-learning strategy.

From the trend point of view, the importance of e-learning strategy is directly proportional to the scale of enterprises; enterprises with large personnel scale have higher training maturity and higher proportion of e-learning strategy; small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 1000 employees have the highest proportion of no e-learning strategy, more than 20%; The proportion of enterprises with 5000-10000 employees who have a clear company wide e-learning strategy is as high as 38%.

2. E-learning operation has become the focus of enterprises, and the operation is not only stay in the activity operation and community. Operation, but based on learning the whole link to provide support for business results.

2.1 blended learning has become the mainstream application scenario, and the enterprise application of e-learning is inclined from formal learning to informal learning

2.2 e-learning effect evaluation pays more and more attention to the results of business support, which is easier to win the recognition of executives and business departments

2.3 shortage of digital learning operation professionals

2.4 the synergy of e-learning operation on business is highlighted

3. The development of enterprise digital learning content is still the focus, but the source of content and development methods become the focus.

3.1 more and more enterprises pay attention to the independent development of content

3.2 increase of business departments’ participation in learning resource development

3.3 content providers need to further enhance the novelty of e-learning projects

4. SaaS model is becoming more and more popular, and mobile learning is the main form of continuing to lead digital learning.

41 cross platform terminal has become the norm of e-learning, mobile learning is more popular with employees. 4.2 SaaS has become the main way of enterprise e-learning, and large enterprises embrace saas4.3 e-learning platform to improve supplier satisfaction

4h mobile learning platform is popular

5. The integrated solution of “platform + content + service” is the first choice for enterprise digital learning transformation.

5.1 the investment of “platform + content + service” is equal, and the content is getting more and more attention

5.2 senior executives have the most investment decision-making power and have significant influence in learning from relevant departments

6. Functional application and technological innovation aiming at solving business scenarios and key talents has become an important direction of e-learning upgrading.

6.1 blended learning has become a hot topic

6.3 the needs of business departments and employees become an important driving factor for e-learning

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