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Insight report of KOL marketing white paper in 2021 From Shengsan & weibaoyi

The following is the Insight report of KOL marketing white paper in 2021 From Shengsan & weibaoyi recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, network marketing.

Brand investment in key opinion leaders (KOLs) in China is expected to grow by 44% by the end of 2021. Although it is very important in the overall marketing strategy, the effectiveness of its return on investment can not be maximized due to the lack of rationality of investment planning, monitoring of investment mode, payment mode, cost transparency and other aspects, which is a great challenge for many brand owners.

According to the KOL investment practice report jointly released by R3, an independent marketing consulting company, and weiboyi, a data-driven short video KOL trading platform, the effectiveness of KOL investment largely depends on the platform combination strategy, the accurate selection of KOL, the content management of KOL, and the efficiency of KOL investment. The above is the decision that brands can efficiently grow grass in the stock market The key to brand building.

The following are the key findings, trends and solutions of this report:

1. Traffic change of main content platform

Although wechat, microblog and xiaohongshu are still the largest KOL content delivery platforms, xiaohongshu and station B lead the largest growth of social media platforms. This is mainly due to the consumption and entertainment habits passively developed by users during the epidemic period. In addition, the platform has kept the evolution and change of technology and content novelty in live broadcast marketing and short video marketing before, so it can be a new force at this time. The decline in popularity of microblog (- 14%) and wechat (- 12%) shows that the market’s preference for niche social platforms is on the rise.

2. New consumer brand launch is sinking, Koc launch becomes mainstream

Compared with traditional brands, new consumer brands have less KOL in the head and more KOL in the tail.

The difference between them is small in the middle waist.

The new tiktok accounts mainly include micro-blog, Xiao Hong, B station and jitter.

3. The purchase mode and effect measurement of perplexity forever

Even though the platform strategy and KOL launch strategy are the prerequisites for all investment procurement, and the most experienced senior procurement personnel are responsible for the procurement mode and payment terms, there are still many factors, such as the complexity of the cooperative relationship (including the market owner, MCN or individual KOL), fragmented payment mechanism, diversified measurement dimensions, lack of benchmarks and objective evaluation of performance, etc, It is still difficult to achieve effective management.

Not to mention the scientific, reasonable and value for money utilization of marketing funds

4. Different enterprise architectures and KOL’s total investment budget will be applicable to different solution models to improve KOL’s cooperation optimization plan, such as:

Optimize the data accumulation system and market price benchmarking to enhance the purchasing competitiveness, and establish a classified and hierarchical price management method

Establish purchasing model, draft comparison, purchasing control and audit whole link control to maximize KOL cost benefit and minimize purchasing risk

In order to continuously improve the cost effectiveness of high-frequency and large-scale KOL purchasing business, we need to upgrade the pre price verification system, post launch performance, compliance and comprehensive financial audit

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