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The basic necessities of life and Kwai tiktok are the fundamental elements of human existence. In the face of travel demand, cars undoubtedly become the focus of more and more people’s choice and attention. The demand for cars, cars and cars has brought about a thriving automobile content ecosystem, and has attracted widespread attention in such platforms as jitter, fast hand, micro-blog and B station.

The development of automotive content ecology and the continuous emergence of creators have also brought countless opportunities to brand marketing. Based on the content, combined with the product functions of different platforms, a series of creative classic cases of content marketing have been produced.

The year 2020 just passed is an extraordinary year. Under the influence of the epidemic, the automobile industry and creators are affected to varying degrees, and it also brings unprecedented new variables to the automobile content ecology and brand marketing.

In 2020, what are the differences of automotive content ecology among different platforms, what are the trends of brand marketing, and what are the new opportunities for automotive content creators and brands in the future? In order to answer these questions, Crowley has brought the “2020 automotive content ecological marketing insight report” to understand the automotive content ecology with you, and insight into the trend of marketing play.

Auto industry: overall growth, youth and economic rise

Tiktok tiktok accounts for three of the three platforms of micro-blog, jitter and fast track TOP20000 account in June 2020 and December. It can be found that the three vertical platforms account for different levels of growth. Compared to micro-blog, the accounts for Kwai and Kwai are increasing.

The reason is that with the continuous recovery of offline real economy, after May 2020, the production and sales of the automobile industry will pick up, and the content demand of users will also rise, leading the rise of automobile vertical accounts in the second half of the year.

In terms of the structure of the head, waist and tail of the three platforms, from June to December, a general trend is the expansion of the head and waist accounts. Compared with the other two platforms, the proportion of the waist accounts is more prominent.

There are not only car content accounts, but also fans who pay attention to car content.

Tiktok KOL account fans’ total number of three platforms Top500 grew to different degrees from June to December, and the advantage of later growth of jitter and Kwai was more obvious.

It shows that in the second half of the year, with the joint efforts of the creators of automobile vertical class, the flow pool of automobile vertical class will be further expanded.

Kwai tiktok, who is close to watching these fans and analyzing their age composition, will find that the “national class” social platform, micro-blog fans, is of an average age distribution, with a narrow gap between the ages.

The trend of “younger” automobile consumption is a great benefit for automobile brands and KOL.

According to the statistics of the sex composition of top auto KOL fans, different from the inherent impression of the public, the proportion of women has now reached about 40%, and the “her economy” of auto consumption is rising rapidly. According to the characteristics of female users, both auto brands and KOL should make targeted strategic adjustments to seize the opportunity in this consumption trend.

Automobile content marketing: 4 creative subjects and 7 expression forms

In automobile content marketing, there are four main types of content creation subjects

The first category is KOL, which has deep professional accumulation in the automotive field. Through cooperation with these KOLs, we can achieve professional and precise marketing effect.

The second type is the head KOL of non automobile vertical category. Although this kind of KOL is not a professional creator in the automobile field, it has a huge fan base. With the help of life-oriented and scene oriented content creation, the advantages of automobile products can be presented intuitively.

The third category is stars. Through co creation with stars, we can take advantage of the fans’ foundation and communication advantages of stars to reflect the brand tonality that fits with the characteristics of stars, and skillfully occupy the minds of users.

The fourth type is brand blue v. the brand’s own account is authoritative. Through content marketing and telling good brand stories, the brand can accumulate social assets more efficiently.

In the “marriage” marketing of automobile brands with various KOLs and stars, there are frequent classic cases, such as Audi joining hands with outstanding figures in different fields such as stars, big V of knowledge, scholars and athletes, and at the same time cooperating with all kinds of KOLs to strengthen the label of Audi’s new products by their personal characteristics.

In addition to this kind of marriage marketing, in 2020, automobile brands will also open a new world of independent fancy marketing, and develop towards the brand “network red”.

Wuling Automobile has published more than 200 manuscripts on station B. in the works of “Wuling mask unpacking”, “Wuling snail powder evaluation” and “reading comments”, Wuling weakened the official temperament and replaced it with human design. This kind of personalized operation greatly shortens the distance between Wuling mask and powder, and also helps the brand get out of the circle successfully.

There are also some car brands that begin to try to gain fans’ attention and accumulate brand assets by creating content such as humanistic care, participating in hot spots, and joining hands with variety shows.

There are seven main forms of expression in automobile content creation, as shown in the figure below:

Due to the differences of creative subject, scene setting, content features, common products / services and other factors, the seven forms of content expression are slightly different in the degree of association with automobile marketing and the diversity of marketing products.

Taking the evaluation experiment as an example, the creators of this type of theme are mainly from media practitioners of automobile specialty, such as Hanlu, radish report, etc., which have great advantages in specialty and depth, and are organically combined with all kinds of automobile marketing.

To sum up, the diversity of creative subjects has greatly promoted the development of automobile content ecology towards diversification, from specialty to works, from interest to works, from creativity to works, and from practicality to works. In the future, it will continue to be subdivided and diversified.

Four platforms

Car content marketing

Micro-blog, Kwai, tiktok and B station are also different platforms, fans and creative subjects. They also have their own characteristics in the marketing of automobile content.


There are many professional content on microblog, such as evaluation experiment. After years of hard work, professional auto we media has outstanding advantages in social assets and personal IP.

And with the development of content, in addition to cars, they began to try to grow grass, digital games and other products based on fans’ portraits.

With the help of the multiple role advantages of microblog, brands conduct content marketing through the combination of star endorsement, KOL matrix, official blog output, topic precipitation and so on.

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Tiktok and interesting story are the main features of the car’s content. Relying on ups and downs, catching the eye, the content will be conveyed efficiently by car, car buying, car maintenance and other content scenes.

Tiktok’s rapid growth of car content cannot do without the enthusiastic participation of many ordinary users. When BMW is doing content marketing, it will surely meet the deadline of the “blue sky” and “Baiyun”. It will attract users to create content continuously, and achieve 9 months of continuous success. This idea is also of reference for other brands.

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Kwai Fu

The fast car creators are mainly automotive operators, who are closely related to the various scenarios and problems that Kwai TSE may buy in cars, cars and cars, and create more practical content.

For example, the “master talks about cars” mainly focuses on the dialogue between the two creators in the car, which leads to the experience and skills in car purchase, car use and car maintenance, so that ordinary users can quickly learn the core points.

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Station B

Station B takes the hard core of automobile knowledge popularization as the core, and effectively supports more professional, scientific and all-round analysis of automobile and related knowledge through the form of long video. The main creative body is the official account of automobile we media and the official brand of automobile.

Take “spare tire talking about car” as an example, the content form of the account is a fixed question and answer method. The works are full of dry goods and quoted classics. Under the high frequency and stable update, it has gained a large number of fans.


As an important basic category, in the second half of 2020, both KOL accounts and fans of automobile content ecology have gone through a rising process, moving towards a more positive and healthy development stage.

At present, in the automotive content marketing, based on the diversification of creative subjects and the influence of different platforms, the content ecology and marketing play are diversified, which not only meets the content needs of the majority of users, but also provides a reliable guarantee for automobile brands to expand brand voice and precipitate social assets.

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