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Insight report on China’s current tea industry in 2021 From Mob Institute

The following is the Insight report on China’s current tea industry in 2021 From Mob Institute recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Life data, research report.

In recent years, milk tea has become the “flow responsibility” of modern catering and the “spiritual opium” of the young people. It has become the living habit of most people to buy a cup of milk tea and hold it in the palm of their hand anytime, anywhere online and offline. According to the latest data of the National Bureau of statistics, the revenue of the national catering industry has continued to grow. In 2018, the turnover of the national catering industry reached 562.29 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 12.18% in recent 10 years, and has a rising trend year by year. The continuous prosperity of the catering market has driven the development of the current milk tea industry. According to relevant surveys, about 76.1% of consumers consume milk tea 1-5 times a month, 14.2% of consumers consume 6-10 times, and 9.7% of consumers consume more than 10 times. The average monthly consumption of milk tea reaches 4.1 cups.

From the perspective of gender structure, the proportion of women in China’s current milk tea consumers is significantly higher than that of men. Female consumers account for up to 70%. It is not difficult to see that at present, the product strategies and marketing strategies of major tea brands are also obviously inclined to women, and the packaging of milk tea is more inclined to women’s favorite color matching and style design. Among the current milk tea consumers in China, about 43.4% of them have a monthly income of less than 2000 yuan. Most of them are non-income or low-income people such as school students. Only 14.4% of consumers have a monthly income of more than 5000 yuan. The current milk tea with an average price of 15 yuan / cup can be described as “light luxury” for its consumers.

As ordinary consumers, in the face of any kind of snacks, there are more and more brands to choose from. In addition to a series of classic mainstream brands, new “online Red brands” are constantly emerging. In order to try new tastes, “net black milk tea” has gradually become a punch in item of “eating goods”.

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