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This year is definitely the most extraordinary year for the catering industry. The impact of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in 2020 on the catering industry in all aspects is far more than that of SARS in 2003. A series of difficulties are testing the catering industry, such as the suspension of stores, the sudden drop of customer flow, the fracture of cash flow, fixed expenditure, and the difficulty in paying the labor cost.

Fortunately, the epidemic situation has been better controlled in the spring, and the ice in the catering industry is gradually melting. At the end of 2020, Jike big data research and Strategy Center has captured more than 100000 restaurants in China, and monitored tens of millions of restaurant passenger flow data in the second and third quarters of 2020. It will take you to explore the future development trend and passenger flow recovery of the national catering industry after the epidemic.

After the outbreak, when did the catering passenger flow recover?

From the overall trend, from June to August, most of the cities showed a growth trend. Only Beijing experienced the second wave of new epidemic in June, compared with 5 Compared with the month before, the catering passenger flow showed an obvious downward trend, while other cities were steadily increasing.

Without the stimulation of the back to school consumption season in August, the national catering passenger flow showed an overall downward trend until September, and the influence of the student group on the catering industry is obvious.

Which is the best in China?

Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou ranked the top three in terms of catering passenger flow in 2-3 quarters, and the catering passenger flow in southern cities was extremely high. From the perspective of the whole country, Shanghai is still a “big brother” city of catering passenger flow. The total passenger flow is almost the sum of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The huge passenger flow in Shanghai in the second to third quarters is not only due to the effective control of the epidemic situation, but also closely related to Shanghai’s strong economic recovery ability and advanced urban management level.

Jiangsu and Hangzhou have also become the “king of dry rice” in the new front line. In recent years, the talent introduction policy has not only brought young blood to the city, but also brought inclusive taste and diversified cuisine.

However, in the PK of urban catering passenger flow, we can see that only Beijing, Xi’an and Tianjin are on the list in the northern cities, which is slightly desolate. Although the number of shops and business types in Xi’an and Tianjin are not in the top 10, they are eating at the top 10 level, and the nature of food is at a glance.

It can be predicted that in the fertile soil of Yangtze River Delta and cities such as Xi’an and Tianjin, more catering brands and types will be fostered.

What do you like to eat after the epidemic?

Affected by the epidemic situation, fast food is the first to wake up in the catering industry, because it has a large number of shops, and has the advantages of taking as you go and reducing contact, so it has become the “giant” of passenger flow in the catering industry.

In the restaurant food business, the average passenger flow of hot pot is absolutely unique, which is worthy of being the c-spot of netizens voting “the most wanted food after the end of the epidemic”.

However, the recovery trend of Chinese style dining in the dining hall is relatively sluggish. Although the number of stores is large, the average passenger flow is relatively low, and the comprehensive recovery will take time.

Which restaurant is strong in the major cities in China?

The number of restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen ranks among the top three in China. The huge population base of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen has brought great catering demand and broad market. The developed urban economy has attracted more types of catering. The number of shops and the types of cuisine rank first in China.

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