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Today, the report focuses on technology, business and application services as the research framework, conducts a four month comprehensive survey on the overall scale of the enterprise service field, and summarizes the research objectives and focus in combination with desktop research, directional interviews, authoritative literature, industry information, patent applications, news reports, questionnaires and other information, so as to analyze the latest changes in the industry from 2019 to 2020 Trends.

Report highlight 1: distributed survey of industry structure and product type

Using the combination of product research results and market research, distributed survey segments industry. Taking the direction of artificial intelligence field as an example, under the development environment of open source framework, artificial intelligence technology shows an increasingly strong decisive atmosphere among different countries, regions, enterprises and research institutions around the strategic pattern, economic interests and academic honor. From the national strategic level, China has further strengthened the influence of scientific research and talent sources, and expanded the development of AI industrialization and productization.

Chinese companies have begun to gain the advantage of capital and other production factors in the field of artificial intelligence. For example, in 2017, the global investment in the field of artificial intelligence was US $15.2 billion, of which Chinese enterprises accounted for 48% of the total investment, accounting for the first place (US enterprises accounted for 38%). In 2016, the investment of Chinese enterprises accounted for less than 12%. In 2019, Chinese start-ups such as artificial intelligence Shangtang technology won the first place in the world in the number of 57 selected papers in iccv, and won 13 important competitions including open images, coco, LVIs, etc. Yitu technology, which is several years later than Shangtang technology, is also known as China’s AI three swordsmen. Whether it is training for image recognition and recurrent neural network algorithm, or machine translation, natural language processing, artificial intelligence greatly rewrites the technology application scene.

Who will fight: mainstream companies and start-ups have no dead end

Enterprise service is a long run, with long front, high cost of sales, and difficulty in cultivating paying users. In the era of Internet, enterprise service is a ten-year business. Therefore, the company’s perspective of the general report is to look at the various stages of growth of enterprises.

In the field of subdivision, 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of things have more extensive significance. Huawei cloud devcloud has entered the leadership quadrant and led the market in an all-round way, gradually showing the trend changes of cloud services in terms of strategy and capability. In addition, we can also see the surprise brought by the transformation of technology companies in the report. Agile innovation and continuous transformation are the focus of the report and its attention. According to the report data, SaaS’s client replacement rate is very high, the “orphaned subscriptions” rate is as high as 71%, and more than 39% of medium-sized companies have replaced their SaaS application set in 2018. In terms of capital, teambition, a well-known start-up company, was officially acquired by Alibaba, providing collaborative services for products of Alibaba cloud and nailing team. With the arrival of 5g commercial era, 5g user operators will become the future growth point.

Results oriented, clear point of view, for the enterprise strategy escort

The construction of the company’s core competence affects the track of the track and market development. The market scale of the enterprise service field is becoming larger and larger, including not only the traditional technology service providers, but also the most eye-catching ecological Taiwan businessmen. The report combs the main dynamic data of ecology, combines with multi-dimensional analysis of technology trends, talent structure, market and capital dynamics, and escorts the crisscross enterprise service ecosystem.

Take the retail industry in the trillion level market as an example. After more than 150 years, department stores, supermarkets and chain stores have ushered in the third major change. Among the top ten enterprises with the highest market value in the world, three are retail companies (apple, Amazon and Alibaba). Channel integration, ecological expansion and new shopping experience complement each other and become the latest industry standard. Taking Shopify as an example, monthly bill retention rate (MBRR) stock customers continue to create value – that is, the two major business models are subscription solutions serving manufacturers and business solutions serving website turnover.

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