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The following is the Insight report on women’s health food consumption on November 11, 2020 From Meiyou & mobtech recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Consumer research, Life data, research report.

1、 The power of consumption should not be underestimated when “her economy” comes

China’s 530 million female users are coming, and the female consumer market is huge. “She economy” covers health, shopping, entertainment and other fields, and the “she health” market with a scale of more than 100 billion is gradually growing

2、 “She health” food market has become a hot spot in recent years

Women are more willing to pay for health. More than 70% of them have paid for health food, and the female health food market is in the ascendant

3、 “She healthy” food market will exceed 200 billion in 2020

As women are the main consumers of health food and are willing to pay for it, the market for women’s health food is booming, and it is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2020

4、 Modern health products and traditional tonics are two categories of “she health” food

Women’s health food industry can be divided into modern health products and traditional tonics. Among them, the market share of modern health care products is about twice that of traditional tonics, and the price is more people-friendly

1、 Double 11 has become the main stage of women’s health food consumption

During the “double 11” period, more than 50% of the consumption amount of health food exceeded 500 yuan, and nearly 20% of the consumption amount exceeded 1500 yuan. At ordinary times, the average monthly consumption amount of health food for over 60% of women was less than 300 yuan, and less than 20% of them consumed more than 500 yuan

2、 Traditional tonics are favored, among which the consumption of bird’s nest accounts for the highest proportion

During the period of double 11 this year, nearly 50% of female consumers bought traditional tonic health food. Among them, bird’s nest is the most popular traditional tonic, and more than 70% of traditional tonic consumers have bought bird’s nest

3、 Focus on product quality, tmall flagship store becomes the first choice

Online channel is the most important channel for women to consume health food. Among them, tmall flagship store is their first choice for shopping, followed by Taobao, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms

4、 Post-90s women become the main force to buy healthy food

Young women are becoming the main consumers of health food. During the double 11 period, 37.7% of the post-90s and 24.9% of the post-95 generation bought healthy food, which together exceeded 60%

5、 First line and new line women have the highest preference for healthy food

Women with an average monthly income of 3000-10000 Yuan account for more than 70%, which is the main consumption force of double 11 health food; the proportion of women in first tier and new first tier cities is the highest, and nearly 30% of them consume health food

1、 Young women prefer modern health care products with price close to the people

54.0% of the menstrual women who bought healthy food after 1995 accounted for 54.0% of them. More than 80% of their income was less than 8000 yuan. Their overall consumption ability still needs to be improved. During the period of double 11, they preferred modern health care products with relative price to common people

2、 Ejiao paste prescription “chop hands” the most, but showed a downward trend

Ejiao paste prescription is the most popular traditional tonic for menstrual women during double 11, accounting for more than 60%; donkey hide gelatin is the holy product for blood tonic, and they use it to replenish blood and replenish qi. However, compared with the consumption situation of double 11 in recent two years, the consumption proportion of Ejiao paste prescription has decreased

3、 Probiotics are concerned by menstrual women

Probiotics are favored by menstrual women, and they are the most modern health care products they want to buy in the future. At present, there are two main functions of probiotics on the market, one is to promote gastrointestinal digestion, the other is to balance vaginal flora

4、 Probiotics can improve the awareness of gynecological problems

Compared with last year, women’s awareness of probiotics can alleviate inflammation in the private area has increased significantly. More and more menstrual women choose probiotics products to improve gynecological problems, and the consumption proportion has increased by nearly 20%

1、 Folic acid is the most important, nearly 70% of the purchase

After pregnancy preparation, the proportion of women buying folic acid increased by 30.0%. Folic acid has become the first choice for pregnant women because of its role in preventing birth defects

2、 Over 60% of consumers consume traditional tonics, preferring bird’s nest and donkey hide gelatin paste

During pregnancy preparation, women’s demand for traditional tonics has increased, and they pay more attention to nourishing yin and blood. More than 60% of them consume traditional tonics, of which nearly 70% buy bird’s nest and over 60% buy donkey hide gelatin paste

3、 More trust in offline hospital pharmacies and careful selection of recommended objects

Pregnant women are more cautious in consuming healthy food. During the double 11 period, their preferred purchase channel is offline pharmacies or hospitals; they also recognize the word-of-mouth recommendation from acquaintances and professional recommendation from authoritative parties

4、 Consumption of health food does not pay much attention to discount

Nearly 80% of pregnant women who have consumed healthy food will buy healthy food when they have demand. The promotion of e-commerce is not attractive to them; nearly 40% of them spend 301-500 yuan per month on healthy food

1、 Bird’s nest — the king of categories, the favorite of pregnant women

More than 80% of pregnant women buy bird’s nest. Bird’s nest is very popular in the pregnancy market. Compared with last year’s double 11, the proportion of pregnant women consuming bird’s nest increased by 19.9%

2、 Ready to eat bird’s nest

Compared with last year’s double 11, the consumption proportion of ready to eat bird’s nest increased by 3.9%, while that of dry bird’s nest decreased by 5.9%. The convenience of ready to eat bird’s nest made the market hot

3、 Quality and safety is the most important factor in the purchase of bird’s nest

The main demands of buying bird’s nest are to improve immunity and maintain skin; when buying, they are most concerned about the quality, safety and origin of the products, with less attention paid to the brand and price, and the influence of celebrity endorsements and packaging is very small

4、 Professional pregnant women’s bird’s nest

Compared with last year’s double 11, most bird’s nest brands had an increase in the consumption proportion of Meiyou’s pregnant users. Among them, bird’s nest beat the old brand and won the first place in consumption growth; bird’s nest, which focuses on professional pregnant women’s nest, has won the favor of expectant mothers

5、 Calcium tablets — a necessity for pregnant women

Calcium tablets and folic acid play an important role in promoting the growth and development of the fetus and preventing diseases. They have become the two kinds of modern health care products with the highest consumption proportion of expectant mothers, increasing by 19.1% and 25.2% respectively

1、 Eating bird’s nest after delivery

Bird’s nest is the most traditional tonic purchased by parenting women on double 11. They mainly buy bird’s nest to Nourish Qi and improve baby’s immunity

2、 Pay more attention to slimming and shaping

In the past two years, the consumption of modern health care products for parenting women has increased most, including diet / fruit and vegetable fiber and enzyme. The main functions of these two kinds of health food are to regulate the intestines and stomach, promote digestion and metabolism of the human body, and spicy mothers are used to lose weight and return to a perfect figure

3、 Never miss the promotion of e-commerce

More than 70% of parenting women usually spend less than 500 yuan a month on healthy food, and they are more willing to focus on purchasing health food during the promotion period of e-commerce; during the double 11 period, 23.4% of the women with child care spent more than 1500 yuan, accounting for the highest proportion.

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